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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fish Market : seafood heaven

It's like a heaven market for the first timer when i arrived at fish market in jeddah , near to corniche building.  usually in malaysia i went to tesco /carrefour/giant to buy groceries and meat /fish  , nama je orang kampung but i only recognize all type of fish that i like and eat hehee e.g Ikan bawal/ ikan cencaru / ikan terubuk /ikan kembung ..

i was invited by my collegues for a masalama party and birthday party on 16th april , so early morning i woke up and volunteer myself to join and help out with preparation as i'm nott contribute any food/menu hahhaha ..we give to the great chef to cook then better . 
it was a malaysian party , so the main menu is Nasi Kandar  with fish head curry , ...will share party pictures in nxt entry inshallah ,

NOW: wanna share pictures i snap while do some 'shopping' in Fish Market :P

 interested with this blue fish ,

after shooping , u can come to the other side to cleaned it and itsnot free okay!!
 first , u have to weighing ur fish .
second: they will give u a receipt,and pay 
third: the worker inside will t ake ur fish and after 10 minutes done .

Easy-mesy hahahaha just make ur life easy ritght but still, u have to gave them tips ,sr10.

 outside fish market : bought grapes and " fresh buah tin " for only 15SR ..

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