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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Malaysian Party 16th April 2012

What a great day as i am so lucky to help my friend of mine whom , a great cooker especially nasi kandar , seriously i adore her style " only campak" all the ingredients and tadaaa....all this food she cook bu herself with  4 helper, caya lah boleh masuk masterchef..:)

 The head fish curry ,delicious ...

 kerabu ikan yu

Homemade chocolate

I"m so happy and enjoy myself .(",) hehe see so busy eating..P

Fish Market : seafood heaven

It's like a heaven market for the first timer when i arrived at fish market in jeddah , near to corniche building.  usually in malaysia i went to tesco /carrefour/giant to buy groceries and meat /fish  , nama je orang kampung but i only recognize all type of fish that i like and eat hehee e.g Ikan bawal/ ikan cencaru / ikan terubuk /ikan kembung ..

i was invited by my collegues for a masalama party and birthday party on 16th april , so early morning i woke up and volunteer myself to join and help out with preparation as i'm nott contribute any food/menu hahhaha ..we give to the great chef to cook then better . 
it was a malaysian party , so the main menu is Nasi Kandar  with fish head curry , ...will share party pictures in nxt entry inshallah ,

NOW: wanna share pictures i snap while do some 'shopping' in Fish Market :P

 interested with this blue fish ,

after shooping , u can come to the other side to cleaned it and itsnot free okay!!
 first , u have to weighing ur fish .
second: they will give u a receipt,and pay 
third: the worker inside will t ake ur fish and after 10 minutes done .

Easy-mesy hahahaha just make ur life easy ritght but still, u have to gave them tips ,sr10.

 outside fish market : bought grapes and " fresh buah tin " for only 15SR ..

Asia Restaurant :feeling like in Malaysia

Salam darling, 

Masyallah,lama sgt tak update blog , many things to share actually will start with our early dinner we had on 10th April  in one of famous asian restaurant food , more to thailand food.
KIta layang pics je ok and serious highly recommendation to all malaysian yang stay di saudi yang rindu sgt makanan asian  with reasonable price , excellent chef .

 Deep fried squid Tempura : 30SR 

 Seafood Tomyam : ?SR 

 Deep fried Grouper with tasty chilli sauce : 70 SR only , (kalau kat malaysia tak tau la berapa diaorg charge ka ikut timbang hehehe .)

 Steamed Mixed Seafood with Curry paste : 35 SR 

Saudi Champagne : Large , 30 SR 

sungguh memuaskan , kenyang smpai tak ingat dunia heheh , and semua hanya 150SR untuk 3 org , murahkan kan kan ?
ok la harga makanan asian di saudi .:P

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NAFSU di benak HATI - sucikan HATI dengan ZIKIRULLAH.

السلام عليكم ور حمة الله و بركا ته
اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى ال سيدنا محمد

Diriwayatkan oleh Thabrani dan Abi Daud

Saiyidina Usman Ibni Affan r.'anhu pernah berkata bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda
barang siapa membaca zikir (doa ini) pada waktu pagi dan petang nescaya tidak ada benda/perkara di dunia ini yang boleh menganiya dirinya ( memudaratkannya ).

بسم الله الذى لايضر مع اسمه شيء فى الارض ولافى السماء وهوالسميع العليم
(Bismillahillazii Laya-dhurru Ma'asmihi Syai-un Fil Ardh , Wala Fissama' Wahuwas Samiiul 'Aliim)

Doa menghindari hasad Dengki .
"Dengan nama Allah yang Tidak dimudharatkan sesuatu apapun dengan namaNya samada di Bumi dan di Langit, dan Dialah Maha Mendengar dan Maha Mengetahui" )

Antara Hikmah mengamalkannya ..akan terselamat dari Ujian Allah Ta'ala ..hasad dengki aniaya itu sebahagian dari UjianNya 

*saya terlupa awak masih boleh view blog saya dan tahu tentang kehidupan saya yang serba kekurangan ini.Moga kita sama berubah kearah kebaikan..:) InshALLAH.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm busy :counting days ...

Hola, Salam ....

21 days more to go ..May will come and i've been waiting for long time .Almost 7 months in saudi its time to relax and i really need vacation !!, :) Thanks to ALLAH swt , actually at first my APril doesn't start with GOod news , something wrong happen to my leave request but after discussing ALhamdulillah its settled and i can Smile now .

Many things happen end of the march of course all good things :) nothing much to update..,busy with my "tough" schedule,my life ,i 've been consult by dietician 1st april , i lost my weight now :( which is not good ..i 've lost almost 7 kg!!!...she gave me a diet list , prescribed powder milk for energy and vitamins ( i can't remember the name ) ..and will evaluate me after 1 months .:)..

Update my re-entry visa and again , alhamdulillah last 5th april , my friends and i went to makkah for umrah ( for me : 4th time ) and for the first time after 7 months in saudi , raining at makkah while we doing our tawaf '...its the best ever experience :)

 at Bukit marwah 

 Kaabah : view from 2nd floor 

Hope i can come again and again to perform umrah and haj , insyallah ...

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