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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hijab :A simple cloth, to protect her dignity.

Assalammualaikum...hye ladies..

again after night shift problem ni datang lagi , susah sungguh nak adjust waktu tido :( macam-macam i buat , bake cake dah , iron baju uniform 4 helai dah even now still cuti , makan dah  , tgk movie dah , dgr lagu , blog walking dah .sampai tak tahu nak buat apa dah and  now its nearly 4 am in the morning in jeddah ..It;s hard tho , esok sure tido tak ingat dunia sampai ke petang  and i'm done , habis satu hari macam tu je

 they say, "Oh, poor girl, you're so beautiful you know
It's a shame that you cover up your beauty so."
She just smiles and graciously responds reassuringly,
"This beauty that I have is just one simple part of me.
(from the veil lyric by Dawud Wharnsby ali )

Hari tu i ada terbuka satu V-log ( betul ke ? ) , video blog ?what ever they called but i 've seen one interesting video about one muslim girl  yang baru ber"hijrah " : memakai hijab/talha .MY new word i learned in saudi , they called tudung : talha .i like it ,talha .sounds cool..Back to  the video ,conclusion i can made is she started to wear talha and felt the difference, felt more safe , confident  .The most important point is the way dia express kan  dimana pemakai harus la ikhlas memakai talha bukan kerana org suruh or kerana fashion tapi kerana /nawaitu kerana ALLAH swt , ya Rabb ....

I bukan nak berlagak baik , or trying  to be ustazah pulak.I'm still learning and my knowledge still 0.99% , but at least i'm struggling to be a great Muslim by following "AL-quran and ALLAH 's rules.
Seingat i mula2 memakai proper tudung kepala is when im 19 years old , that time aru habis SPM, dan nak ke UKM rasanya ,well ingat lagi pesan my walid that time ,walid dan mak dah didik nadia , hukum hakam agama ALLAH swt , wajib nye memakai tudng , menutup aurat , jadi nadia fikir lah mana yang baik mana yang buruk kerana skrg dosa pahala nadia masih di tanggung oleh walid and mak ..Kalau nadia nak pakai tudung ,pakai ..jangan pakai ddepan mak walid ,dan buka when we are not around .hurmmm.its very tough  tho , sebab masa tu dugaan nye sgt la besar , bnayak fashion and feel a bit jealous rambut org lain cantik .mungkin jahil sgt masa tu kerana bodoh fikirkan kecantikan luaran !but yes i pakai talha !!but i don;t think i tutup aurat .( with all tight tshirt that can see ur curve  :P)

 bla ..bla .bla..sehingga la i met my husband ,AJF ,,alhamdulilah he LOVE me because my talha and me of course and he encouraged me to ...ermm slowly change from tshirt i mean tight tshirt :p to more comfort blouse,shirt ....its step by step , i know my time will come ...and now i'm a mother to a girl ,and insyallah she will be anak dara  one day , so i need to change !i need to be A mother , a good example for my princess.Mak until now still tak pernah berhenti bagi nasihat ,reminder to my sister n me about aurat , tegur about our tudung to cover up our special crown .

Kadang -kadang i terfikir , seandainya lah negara saudi ni TIADA rules macam skrg ,dimana semua wanita tidak perlu  memakai abaya hitam  dan memakai talha pada perempuan saudi , agak2 bagaimana la ya negara islam ni ??ada tak yang menutup aurat ?pernah juga ditanya pada lelaki saudi : hehe jawapan nye pendek je " musykila,musykila sambil geleng kepala " ( musykila = problem )..heheh;)

Alhamdulillah segala fitnah ,dugaan yang ada sekarang ni masih belum mengugat iman i untuk tidak berhijab,Alhamudlillah masih dipelihara oleh ALLAH swt untuk berpegang teguh , moga-moga sehingga ke akhir hayat , hingga hembusan nafas terakhir .Ameen ...i'm trying my best to change to better muslimah and i love Wardina safiyyah so much , and even tho she don't know me but i kept following her step of tranformation into a beautiful muslimah .insyallah and to all muslim women out there ayuh mari kite berhijrah , siapa lagi yang akan membantu kite melainkan diri kite sendiri. .

untuk berniqab?seperti ini ?

mungkin ya mungkin tidak?belum bersedia untuk ke arah itu .Tapi siapa tahu ?kita boleh merancang tapi semua sudah di atur oleh ALLAH swt .:)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I LOVE Chocolate

Snap…who doesn’t love chocolate aite? it’ s so sexy ,delicious ,tempting …mmmmm yummy , I’m not a real fan of original chocolate ,I’d  prefer dark chocolate than smooth milk chocolate and for me I think chocolate with any kinds of Nuts is a good combination rather than a plain chocolate.

As in Malaysia , we have a lots variety of chocolate : Cadbury I guess the famous ones .and for expensive and luxury chocolate is PATCHI , Godiva and etc…for daily I only consumed Cadbury chocolate as its more cheaper and easy to get and kinda nice too …

When arrived in Jeddah  , I can see there a lots of chocolate shop ..wow not only one brand ,, but “kateer “ ( many in Arabic ) ,with nice , lovely packaging for all kinds of celebration , baby shower,birthday , anniversary  ,eid celebration and etc  with the reasonable price .Mostly of Saudi people will give chocolates or flowers  when they visit their families in hospital ( I only can give example in hospital uhuhuu:P ),not like Malaysian’s tradition we will not bring chocolate for families whom admitted to hospital for diabetes mellitus right ?means that we will consider our gifts depends to patient’s  condition but not in KSA .for them Chocolate is halwa : means nice warm wishes  and get well soon . hehe correct me if I’m wrong  …

For 7 months working here , besides $$ ,I also sometimes get chocolate ,nice and delicious chocolate from patients and pt’s relatives ,that is their way to say thank you and to appreciate what have u done .:) nice way …It’s really tempting  and I can’t resist with it .

And that’s make me wonder and curious for past 2 weeks , its hard for me to get sleep and sometimes I will wake up  around 2 @ 3 in the morning and just felt that I need to eat something. ermm…I thought I’m hungry, so I cooked , I ate maggi , I drink but still it keep go on for 4,5 days same routine , …….until one day , I wake up again at 3 am and instead of eating sandwiches , I took chocolate and guess what , ?? I asleep and missed my bus for morning shift hahhahahahah.
Now I know….it’s CHOCOLATE . It is observed that chocolate cravings cannot be satisfied by any sweet/candy other than chocolate itself( no surprises there )..:P facts that I notice from google.com Chocolate produces the effects of a mild anti-depressant by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain.yes..yezza..no wonder I feel more Happy , no-depress at all( Alhamdulillah ) and fell YOUNG hehhee  ..

One famous chocolate shop In Saudi is Al NUkaly ( since 1932) ..

Bought chocolate hazelnut ½ kg only for SR60

Bought chocolate almond ¼ kg : SR29..

it is quite obvious that our love and ongoing relationship with it, isn't going to change in the near or distant future - not if I have anything to do with it! 

The WORST Blogger

I have been THE.WORST.BLOGGER lately!
 I can't apologize enough! So much has been going on lately, but I won't bore you with the details. All good things though! I promise to be back in full swing soon. I can't wait to catch up with everyone!

wordless picture:

I NEED this or i WANT ??

Friday, March 9, 2012

we all grow-up & became Beautiful Swan

Thank You so much ALLAH swt , for the greatest love , bonding moment and memories .
I can't ask more , we all busy with families , colleagues, job , life but still deep down in my heart i know they always thinking about me and always remember me . aite girlfriends?u guys better say yes ...or else..:P

Memories for more than 10 years is totally unforgettable .How time flies , from primary school , secondary ,n got into college , we walked confidentally to "working " +career mode which made us more -far - far away and started to have someone special ,whom we called boyfriend.:)-get married - and bump bom we got kids....and i just can't imagine that one super-fine day our daughter /son will be BFF ( bestfriend forever) like us ..totally like us ...:phew..and i'm sure that specific time we will be +++ annoying and too-much worried like our mother do.hhahha

She married with the handsome gentleman from penang , and so happy ever after with their princess zara ,( im so happy double triple happy my bbf , whom always thinks she always right in every single things  , stubborn and pretty :P now is a Mom...i mean a REAL MOTHER u all...,i'm really proud of u syg ....

My first friend in primary school, my chinese-look gorgeous buddy married last year with her soul-mate and guess what?she s pregnant and will be pop-out anytime soon ...

my twin ( everybody told me we r like twin ) but what i knew she is more ++ beautiful  , modern and graceful than me .and it was so surprised our girl here already took  the first step closer to "the big day " yes yes and yes .she already engaged to her "super +korean hero " congratulations dla...:)

:) she sweet aite ? but sorry guys she already seeing someone special and i'm sure she is looking forward to her "BIg Day "...:) when?where?i;m not sure but moon please just wait for me back to malaysia ok ..!!!

My Snow white , she is the most charming , lovely girl in the school , she was the only 1 of 3 girls in science engineering class in school .and planning to tie the knots  end of this year .:( really sad i missed her engagement day and her big day this year ,But u know we only plan,KUn Fa Ya Kun ...insyALLAH

and the willowy model from california ,,,,hahaha .:P joke
gorgeous , artistic looks , and model wanna-to -be is looking forward to her happy + happy day this march  and i'm kinda sad can't join her to celebrate her day .:(....

I love them all..and will continue my lists of best ever person in my life in my next entry .(",)

: sorry girls , took pic without permission .
Text me if u want me to removed it .love u girl so much ..:P

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