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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Sunday, February 26, 2012

what i do when i'm off in Jeddah .

 it's gettting late , 1.20am and yet i'm still awake !
every-night is like this especially when im off day .Trying to find the solutions, i'm not the-fan- of Mr C0fee tho but still can't forced my eyes to *shut*
I'm thinking a lot lately , about life , career , food my rania my AJF (lama tak panggil hubby gitu )  and sometimes i had a dream too..bad dream + nice dream + funny dream ..:) BIg smile .
And sometimes im also thinking  what should i wear when  back to MAlaysia for holiday , what color should i choose to see my love ...:) feelings like i'm going to  my first date .Seriously i'm  not joking, u guys can;t imagine how is my feeling now !in LOVE ...

Living in Jeddah ,is a new experience to me ,I wouldn't take  so long time to think what should i wear ?what color , cause whenever i open my closet , all are BLACK abaya ..hihii i just grab abaya and one multiple color talha .easy mesy as A,B ,C .

Last time when "pantang " susah gile untuk i pakai socks.If my mak saw me without a pair of socks...gosh ...i'm dead man ,,yes i mean really dead ,had to listen to :radio for an hours ...hahh sorry mak Love u always .BUt in Jeddah , even-tho i never /rare switch on my AC , i felt so cold , and sometimes i will imagine that im in europe ..hhahahah not in KSA.

 I have a lots of SOCks collection now,stripes, flowers , variety of color and still planning to buy more and more socks because thats is my new favourite collections ..heheh crazy right ?i will wear it everyday , everynight at home even tho is hot-day .I just felt safe and comfort .

My little crib -provided by the hospital of course is just nice for me .all living by non-saudi ,lagi la  i feeling like staying in europe heheh ,mostly from russsia , franch , uk,us .Arabian Homes -or the glamour name american compound or Western compound .

Rasa sejuk mata pandang semua bunga bunga ni .
Ntah sejak bile , i suke sgt i mean sgt2 ok. pada bunga ..:)
make me feel so Tenang ...

Besides that , if kerajinan melanda : i will bake new recipes .Like last night ,came back from work i'm supposed to rest and sleep but i chose to bake/steam " apam polka dot " at 10 pm ..huhuhu and it end up with "apam celoreng " .I;m not so creative but at least i tried .
Still trying to find my specialty .:(

 Or i just can try to join this dance class: ladies tap class..Sounds interesting right ?Well i love to dance at home my own room the class will start this afternoon , i'm off and i think its good opportunity for me , yeah maybe . we will see ...:)
 ....and if i still can't sleep i will just trying all my new clothes :yuck bajet cam artis.
Can;t wait to go for holiday with my LOVE..:) wink wink ..
Btw , that's my new fuschia blazer.nice tak?and it only SR100 .yes too good to be true right ?hehee
ignored my "cacat" leg ..can't stand straight now hehe 

 or else i will berangan and keeping berangan sambil tgk picture AJF ..:) love him

and this cheeky princess rania yang dah pandai sgt2 gewram dg suara dia dalam fon and skype-ing with her , listen and watching her gelagat .When i call her and if its wrong timing , she will pretend to sleep.how i knew ?? she will snoring .hahha yes sounds like org tua hahaha hahha funny ok rania..and my sister just told me her new favourite sentences now * i got it *..
owh//i miss her so much so badly ..:(

and kinda true ..miss her ..:( a sista of mine in jeddah ...:( 
hope can go to makkah again with u sista 

well better off now , seriously nadia , u have to ...nearly to 2 am and u need o wake up early !!!
Love u all ..
will try to sleep sambil layan online radio : my favourite LiteFM.

If people praise you that is because they don't know who you really are 
by Sheikh Suhaib Webb .

i'm trying hard to better muslimah ..yes I AM..

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