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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Language Barrier

 Salam diamond ,

'phew  what a disaster night i knew i shouldn't said it ..:( but i ALHAMDULILLAH even chaos in Work place hehe still manageable and i trust ALLAH swt always with me , my spirit is always there to support me handle the pressure.:) End our shift with BIG SMILE on my face .yehaa...Already submit my annual leave application , hope will be approve by mudira ,insyallah she will and she MUST ...:P
Btw , FYI mudira is Leader /Boss in arabic.
Besides of workload , homesick , Language also is a MAJOR problem to me , not with the colleagues but with patients .Mostly patients in KSA , don't know how  to speak in ENGLISH at all.even a single things , number...etc .SO we have to learned to speak their language , is hard tho for me because im old hehhee and its takes time for me to learned by talking to the patients everyday .,,,,, Practice make perfect .

How time flies , Now alhamdulillah , masyALLAH i manage to communicate with patients /saudi ....:) well sometimes still need a interpreter .hahahhahah.....Like malay , arabic also have many dialect , example: we used "bahasa pasar" in jeddah , so simple words  u can't find in Dictionary Arabic-ENglish .
Im Cool with that  is easy ...but still have to brush-up my langguage in arabic and also in English .
And one things is i  miss to talk in Malay at Work as im the only malaysian in my Department :(.........

I'm proud of myself still able to learn other language ,it will take long time for me to be more POWER with arabic , but then with all helps and support insyALLAH ..i'm sure will be more fluent.

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