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Friday, November 11, 2011

Uniq -nye wanita itu !

Salam  aidiladha,

Tak sempat nak berceloteh panjang pada entry lepas.Sebelum datang Saudi ,banyak perkara yang I fikir .Boleh ke survive ?boleh ke I keje di Negara orang tambah-tambahan di Negara Saudi .strict ,perempuan di larang memandu kereta,semua wanita Saudi hanya boleh keluar dgn di temani muhrim  which is good of course ,no harm with that .But the thinks is there are no freedom for women ,women can’t voice out for their rights,their desire , obey to leader even it is not right .If ada women yang bersuara sikit mesti di –cop  melebihi kaum lelaki .Semua laluan harus di mengutamakan kaum lelaki.dan mungkin masih berfikiran dimana kaum wanita masih di bawah kaum lelaki!!!

TAPI ini semua sebelum I fly ke Saudi ..

After 2months experience life kat sini..:) baru I tahu perkara sebenarnye .tak mau cite panjang  memang kite perempuan tak boleh drive L  tapi dari segi lain….
  1.        u don’t have to line up for banking process ,sebab there are ladies side or terus masuk bilik .its only take 10 min-15 min to transfer money .
  2.      U can just direct to the fast food counter and beli ur food hahahah…kesian pada lelaki ygberatur sebelum hahahhaa:P
  3.      Semua will tolong u angkat barang tak payah suruh2.sebab diaorg u lemah kan hehe
  4.      All Saudi people will respect u MORE if tahu u are MUSLIM….and some more if u are from MALAYSIA ..heheh Malaysian kwayes..:P with   thumbs up ..
  5.      Ada theme park for ladies night means u can take out your abaya girls…yeah….(but I never been there,maybe next holiday  )

Banyak  benda lagi but have to stop now as I’m in the middle of  baking ………….
Apple pie for supper yehaaa…:P see u guys next entry .Will upload and post entry for apple pie and raspberry cheese cake’s recipe

last but not least ..
Miss my mother,the queen of my heart and masterchef ..

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