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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Treat Yourself Nadia

"There's a place I can go 
When the tension is high and I'm feeling low 

I think I'll treat myself to all the pretty places in my head 

Yes, I'm going to treat myself to all the pretty places in my head 

There's no rich, there's no poor 
Everything is love no such thing as "war" 
There's no black and no white 
Rainbow colors they, dress the day and nights, life's paradise "

lallalallalall...stevie wonder,love this song 


wanna try new product of Mary Kay : beauty product and whitening facial care 


Ryha Feyzal said...

How's the price at there?

Btw, Gucci + Guess = Yummeh!!!

neverletmego said...

Riha: :) heheh memnag best kan i like it to...ok lebih kurang but NO tax .

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