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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From the bottom of my heart: the moment i said I DO

Salam sayang ...

Happy  3rd wedding aniversary .
It's unbelievable,its already 3 years we been together suamiku ...
Terlalu banyak kenangan dan kebahagaian yang i kecapi bila bersama u sayang ...
Only ALLAH knows how deep my love to u sayang ....and alhamdulillah kurniaan ALLAH swt kelahiran princess rania .....menceriakan lagi hidup kite ..
semoga perkenalan singkat ,yang diikat dengan tali pertunangan dan akad nikah berpanjangan sehingga akhir hayat kite AMIN..

My love 
I'll never find the words, my love 
To tell you how I feel, my love 
Mere words could not explain 

Precious love 
You held my life within your hands 
Created everything I am 
Taught me how to live again 

Only you care when I needed a friend 
Believed in me through thick and thin 
This song is for you and with gratitude and love 

My love 
Whenever I was insecure 
You build me up and made me sure 
You gave my pride back to me 

Precious friend 
With you I always had a friend 
You're someone who I can depend 
To walk a path that sometimes bends 

Without you 
Life has no meaning or rhyme 
Like words to a song out of time 
How can I repay you for having faith in me 

May ALLAH swt  bless you 
For ALLAH blessed me with you 
You make me feel brand new 

love the lyric : You make me feel brand new by The Stylistics

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