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Monday, November 28, 2011

From the bottom of my heart 2 : I love him more than he knows

I just want to be ok ,be ok
I just want to be ok today .

I just want to feel today , feel today ,
I just want to feel something today

Yesterday, 27th November is the Day ,my ajf still in Malaysia,L but still he send somebody to pass something to me.What a lovely day , I ‘ve been waiting for  long time for this moment.:)
I couldn’t ask for more b,thank you for the wedding anniversary present J..extra-happy .Unique present from u ( gadjet couple )

 My new so-Blue netbook : tq bb ,will miss my PINK netbook :(

 all from Malaysia: spot the "twisties "..hehhe( kat sini takde oo)

 my new netbook again..:P

 my wedding anniversary present; LunaTik + ipod touch watch in Gold ,tq bb cool present ever ...love it 
( will share about this Incredible gadjet with u guys in Future entry -insyallah )

 back watch : apple symbol and with our name engraved .Not so clear , its stated there
" AJFJ&SNSA 15.11.08- Eternity "
thank you bee  love u more

 Nur magazine :issue Dec 

Last but no least .....my family pictures .
 My LOVE...

Thank you so much for  always being a supportive husband, friend,and father and to let me fulfill my dream to  build my career ..U re the best , the one and only king of my heart.I love u more and more each day and looking forwards to have a happy family with u .Thank you for always been there with me even we both far away ,  u always in my mind and heart .Nobody can replace u ..insyALLAH .May ALLAH swt bless our relationship ...AMIN.


Shikin Ramlee said...

;) sweet..

neverletmego said...

:)..hhe tq bridal-to- be..:)

kakyong said...

touching nya.. tahniah.. semoga terus kekal berbahagia..

neverletmego said...

tq kak yong ..sudi jenguk blog nadia ynag tak seberapa..begitulah hendaknye harap hubungan berkekalan ke hujung hayat amin...cinta jarak jauh ...:) salam ukhwah ..

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