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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Monday, November 28, 2011

From the bottom of my heart 2 : I love him more than he knows

I just want to be ok ,be ok
I just want to be ok today .

I just want to feel today , feel today ,
I just want to feel something today

Yesterday, 27th November is the Day ,my ajf still in Malaysia,L but still he send somebody to pass something to me.What a lovely day , I ‘ve been waiting for  long time for this moment.:)
I couldn’t ask for more b,thank you for the wedding anniversary present J..extra-happy .Unique present from u ( gadjet couple )

 My new so-Blue netbook : tq bb ,will miss my PINK netbook :(

 all from Malaysia: spot the "twisties "..hehhe( kat sini takde oo)

 my new netbook again..:P

 my wedding anniversary present; LunaTik + ipod touch watch in Gold ,tq bb cool present ever ...love it 
( will share about this Incredible gadjet with u guys in Future entry -insyallah )

 back watch : apple symbol and with our name engraved .Not so clear , its stated there
" AJFJ&SNSA 15.11.08- Eternity "
thank you bee  love u more

 Nur magazine :issue Dec 

Last but no least .....my family pictures .
 My LOVE...

Thank you so much for  always being a supportive husband, friend,and father and to let me fulfill my dream to  build my career ..U re the best , the one and only king of my heart.I love u more and more each day and looking forwards to have a happy family with u .Thank you for always been there with me even we both far away ,  u always in my mind and heart .Nobody can replace u ..insyALLAH .May ALLAH swt bless our relationship ...AMIN.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

it's all about the time i spend baking in kitchen with the help of two little pairs of hand

Salam ladies,

Today menu is Marble Cheese cake
.Actually it's been a week Kak marina and i plan to bake a cake, Luckily we have a same day off so it easy to make a plan but LAZY in our mind for that moment .Always !! heheh so today after  long-quite -deep sleep ,i woke up and  had "mee rebus " for my lunch .Suddenly i got a quick" turn -on" mode ahaha to bake Marble cheese cake.so better to start before i became @#$%

Just want to share my NEW collections...(not to show off ye dear darling )..share only hahahhahah


so excited ;can't wait to bake again....:)

Suddenly it's magic .Having u next to me….

It’s almost a year since I met her in Malaysia. I’m busy with my family and career and at that time she is  no longer working in PCMC , but now Alhamdulillah at last we find free time to meet not in MALAYSIA  but in SAUDI !And seriously i ruined the “date “ as kak ros waited alone almost 1 ½ hour .I felt so bad ,I couldn’t do anything it’s hard  to get limo. Sorry sister…I really  mean it .:(

No shopping for this time ( I’m sure ajf will proud of  me for today ).Just a simple dinner at Thai Restaurant .Frankly speaking since I’m in Saudi ,almost every week I went to Balad but I haven’t try the food .it’s  superb ..for  2 hours quite –fine-enjoy  dinner I feel I’m in Malaysia ..:(

 i'm speechless ,si dia cantek !

can u see the "medium-size-fish " ..heheh only for 3 of us..

Thank you so much sister for the “dinner “ . i owe u .. nanti next date ,my turn.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Treat Yourself Nadia

"There's a place I can go 
When the tension is high and I'm feeling low 

I think I'll treat myself to all the pretty places in my head 

Yes, I'm going to treat myself to all the pretty places in my head 

There's no rich, there's no poor 
Everything is love no such thing as "war" 
There's no black and no white 
Rainbow colors they, dress the day and nights, life's paradise "

lallalallalall...stevie wonder,love this song 


wanna try new product of Mary Kay : beauty product and whitening facial care 

Apple pie

My first apple pie 

The ingredients..

my doh...

:)..my apple pie,serious look nice kan the pie crust.but the "inti" huh tak sedap langsung .
will try again after this insyALLAH .

the Recipe taken from Google:


  • 6 biji epal hijau, dikupas kulit, potong 12 setiap 1 biji epal
  • 200 g gula pasir
  • 50 g kismis
  • 20 g tepung jagung, bancuh dgn sedikit air
  • 500 g tepung halus (tepung gandum pun boleh......)
  • 200 g mentega
  • 2 biji telur Gred A, dikacau sedikit
  • 250 g gula halus


  1.  Dalam periuk masak gula pasir hingga cair dan keperangan. Masukkan epal dan kismis. Gaul rata. Masukkan bancuhan tepung jagung dan masak hingga pekat. Sejukkan.
  2.  Untuk doh pula, ayak tepung dan gaulkan dengan gula halus hingga rata. Masukkan mentega dan gaul hingga menjadi seakan2 serbuk roti. Tuang telur yg telah dikacau tadi sedikit demi sedikit sambil digaul hingga terhasil doh yg tidak melekat dimangkuk adunan. Jangan bimbang jika telur tidah habis digunakan. Bungkus dgn plastik dan sejukkan 30 minit.
  3.  Selepas 30 minit keluarkan doh dan biarkan sebentar. Kemudian canai doh diantara 2 plastik hingga menjadi kurang lebih 1/2 cm tebal. Doh mesti dicanai lebih besar dari mangkuk pie.
  4.  Perlahan-lahan tanggalkan plastik bahagian atas dan dgn cermat terbalikkan doh ke dalam mangkuk pie. Ratakan perlahan2 hingga menutupi kesemua bahagian dalam mangkuk itu. Potong lebihan doh. Tuangkan inti yang telah sejuk.
  5.  Tutup permukaan pie dgn lebihan doh, buat cara sama seperti cara no.4. Sapu dgn kuning telur dan larikkan dgn garfu secara bersilang utk menghasilkan corak. Bakar dalam oven yg telah dipanaskan pada suhu 175C selama 30 minit.
  6.  Sejukkan pie sebelum dipotong. Selok2nya gunakan tin khas untuk membuat pie atau quiche yg dasarnya boleh ditanggal keluar. Selamat mencuba...............

From the bottom of my heart: the moment i said I DO

Salam sayang ...

Happy  3rd wedding aniversary .
It's unbelievable,its already 3 years we been together suamiku ...
Terlalu banyak kenangan dan kebahagaian yang i kecapi bila bersama u sayang ...
Only ALLAH knows how deep my love to u sayang ....and alhamdulillah kurniaan ALLAH swt kelahiran princess rania .....menceriakan lagi hidup kite ..
semoga perkenalan singkat ,yang diikat dengan tali pertunangan dan akad nikah berpanjangan sehingga akhir hayat kite AMIN..

My love 
I'll never find the words, my love 
To tell you how I feel, my love 
Mere words could not explain 

Precious love 
You held my life within your hands 
Created everything I am 
Taught me how to live again 

Only you care when I needed a friend 
Believed in me through thick and thin 
This song is for you and with gratitude and love 

My love 
Whenever I was insecure 
You build me up and made me sure 
You gave my pride back to me 

Precious friend 
With you I always had a friend 
You're someone who I can depend 
To walk a path that sometimes bends 

Without you 
Life has no meaning or rhyme 
Like words to a song out of time 
How can I repay you for having faith in me 

May ALLAH swt  bless you 
For ALLAH blessed me with you 
You make me feel brand new 

love the lyric : You make me feel brand new by The Stylistics

Friday, November 11, 2011

Musuh dalam selimut

Where should I start ?we have a pool party this evening  and I’m done with my dessert , Trifle pudding  .sambil sambil BBM with my friend.Tibe –tibe terfikir terlintas and ada idea for my next and new entry.

Even if you treat people kindly and honestly ,most of them will still hate you for some reason and you can't complain
This is My status in fb today ,

frankly speaking it’s a random thought  quote from a friend of mine.But the facts its true right ?whenever  we tried it’s hard to convinced people  to LIKE us !Our circle of life is like a WHEEL,sometimes kite di atas sometimes kite di bawah .Now i rasa I bukan di atas dan juga bawah,tapi --à in the middle  of the wheel hahah..nak cakap sedih ,tidak juga ..nak kata I happy ?not really .I just confuse with my own feelings about this.Mesti semua still terpinga-pinga ape yang I nak cakap ni I think I am kinda easy –going girl ,happy go lucky , sensitive but depends to situation  la and also bukan jenis yang suke ada enemy ,what can I do kan?
?if org nak bermusuh ngan I kan?hehe i ni jenis outspoken ,tak juga la ada juga berlapik-lapik tapi dari segi physical, baju, attire I memang try to be honest if lawa I cakap lawa and if not my taste I just keep quite cause lain orang lain minat nye ye tak?cuba bayangkan kalau semua ada taste sama…nanti ada org amik ajf I how?hahaha

Tapi hidup itu tidak selalu indah …kite kena lalui hujan sebelum jumpe pelangi …?kan?Hanya kite diri kite tahu siapa kite ,diri kite , diri keluarga kite .Tiada siapa ada hak untuk bicara hal kite .i love to share and for now my hubby is a good friend , hubby , listener my bodyguard,. Love me and cube untuk gaves some idea while shopping tanpa rasa jealous or bawa mulut  .but the things is we also need a friend yang bukan dikalangan keluarga . .Orang boleh salah anggap dgn segala perkara yang kite share sebagai Riak.sungguh ,demi ALLAH takde niat I pun nak berlagak .Cuma mungkin kejayaan kecil I ,my daughter yang dah pandai panggil apple itu appol and  kejayaan suami itu sebagai tanda riak pada sesetengah pihak.pejam celik pejam celik macam tk percaya je ..unbelievable.???well that’s nadia u have to face it .u can’t trust anybody now..actually sedar tak sedar  kawan yang kte yang kite  tak sure nama bapa  ,tak tahu kampong mana hahah itu sebenarnye our REAL FRIEND and still keep in touch with u  without any prejudice.

Seriously nak remind for myself as well,,dgr la cakap suami selagi tak melanggar syarak kerana dia lebih tahu yang terbaik buat kite .! love u b ,you’ re the best.

Conclusion –nye , macam mana baik layanan kite pada org pun kalau perasaan hasad tu menguasai diri ….mereka akan benci kite sampai bile2…ape kite patut buat ?sabar sabar and insyALLAH ….

ALLAH  knows BEST for us..

Rasberry cheese cake


as we all know heheh i;m not into cooking ,but baking ??just make my heart fly away with the rhythm of everlasting song :P so for last raya aidiladha pot-luck celebration i contribute my energy to bake a Rasberry cheese cake after night duty ....


with high quality camera:P

taken by me using my BB...:P

i used the same recipe of blueberry cheese cake ,just change the topping.:) and only used 2  packages philadephia cream chese.....

:craving for velvet cake at delicious...:(

Uniq -nye wanita itu !

Salam  aidiladha,

Tak sempat nak berceloteh panjang pada entry lepas.Sebelum datang Saudi ,banyak perkara yang I fikir .Boleh ke survive ?boleh ke I keje di Negara orang tambah-tambahan di Negara Saudi .strict ,perempuan di larang memandu kereta,semua wanita Saudi hanya boleh keluar dgn di temani muhrim  which is good of course ,no harm with that .But the thinks is there are no freedom for women ,women can’t voice out for their rights,their desire , obey to leader even it is not right .If ada women yang bersuara sikit mesti di –cop  melebihi kaum lelaki .Semua laluan harus di mengutamakan kaum lelaki.dan mungkin masih berfikiran dimana kaum wanita masih di bawah kaum lelaki!!!

TAPI ini semua sebelum I fly ke Saudi ..

After 2months experience life kat sini..:) baru I tahu perkara sebenarnye .tak mau cite panjang  memang kite perempuan tak boleh drive L  tapi dari segi lain….
  1.        u don’t have to line up for banking process ,sebab there are ladies side or terus masuk bilik .its only take 10 min-15 min to transfer money .
  2.      U can just direct to the fast food counter and beli ur food hahahah…kesian pada lelaki ygberatur sebelum hahahhaa:P
  3.      Semua will tolong u angkat barang tak payah suruh2.sebab diaorg u lemah kan hehe
  4.      All Saudi people will respect u MORE if tahu u are MUSLIM….and some more if u are from MALAYSIA ..heheh Malaysian kwayes..:P with   thumbs up ..
  5.      Ada theme park for ladies night means u can take out your abaya girls…yeah….(but I never been there,maybe next holiday  )

Banyak  benda lagi but have to stop now as I’m in the middle of  baking ………….
Apple pie for supper yehaaa…:P see u guys next entry .Will upload and post entry for apple pie and raspberry cheese cake’s recipe

last but not least ..
Miss my mother,the queen of my heart and masterchef ..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy eid

A Happy Eid from Jeddah . Enjoy the break and make it a time to nourish yourself and those you love, and to better your world, if only with the gentlest of nudges.

و كل عام و أنتم بخير و عيد أضحى مبارك

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Salam dolls ,

Hye what a hectic week for me ,but Alhamdulillah manage to get through with it .Btw not in the mood of writing and no ideas .Just want to update entry regarding of FULLA .have u guys heard about doll called Fulla?same like Barbie doll but she os wearing talha @ hijab.

At last I bought the doll for Princess rania.Its been a while im looking for fulla,yeah asked my friends  to buy it but negative responsed by the way seen I’m  in Kingdom ,there are MANY fulla dolls in all Toys Shop even in  Hypermarket !(“,)…
Last time I heard fulla doll only in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the government forbid the Barbie doll from Mattel .So  they made Fulla dolls for all muslim girls .:)

Tata..miss u rania..will pass your fulla to uncle fariq ok?Baba’s friend

Rania wearing abaya : pretty little girl.Ajf's junior .

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