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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm young , married and deep in LOVE ! don't you get it ??

Salam pretty ,mommy here 

No mommy not mad at u darling,its just a phew statement that mommy have to use most of days at work.Its a little bit harsh but for these people is already  polite enough.:P Sometimes i  just don't understand why they always judge people by their appearance and if "some' people 'do somethings " definitely doesn't means all mankind will do the same things am i right ?Its normal in my current new extravaganza busy hospital for new staff  there will be an "un-official " ice breaking  session.
where are u from? are u married ?how old are u ?i can accept that , but the facts is they are so outspoken ,busybody and lil bit of rough especially colleagues from .......always asked my private confidential ,my salary ,phew even my AJf don't even know my exact salary..:( come on guys , for the first month maybe i can stand but gosh its already my 2nd month babe .STOP it ! Yes im young and already happily married with a guy i'm in Love  with ....+ adorable and cute lil princess.Its my problem and i don't have to tell you why i'm In jeddah  because you are NOBODY .so why not you just stop thinking ,stop looking and stop trying to learn Bahasa Malaysia because yark i'm sick to hear your voice .and one more things STOP taking my FOOD..and I'm not a kind of girl that you think cause i'm MALAYSIAN !! and We are different !!!

The lil note especially for "-people-who-think-they are perfect _" uhh  "

love peeps..Good night ..
Love my ajf so much ...muahmuah muah 


Wahidah said...

dear ignorekan je mereka itu..most of them mmg a lil bit too much in asking personal prob...if u are not married they will ask u why u did not married yet..is it becoz no good man there etc bla bla bla...

ape yg aku buat..aku tk share benda personal ngan diorang..lantak pi la mereka..

neverletmego said...

(",) yes dear tu je yang aku buat diam diam..tapi kadang2 rasa menyampah hehe ye la normal perosn sah?tak ble tahan sabar hahah
nobody perfect ..

aleeya said...

nad yaya tau 'siapa' yang dimaksudkan..kahkahkah 'P' kn? hehe :P

and the funniest part is stop taking my food? hahaha :P

neverletmego said...

:) ouch eventhough yaya in UK pun tahu ye ?wow yes memang macam tu ya, pantang tgk bawa makanan lebih sikit ..:P

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