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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blueberry Cheese Tart


Hye dolls, just wanna share one recipe of blueberry cheese tart .so easy mezy ..:P and only took around 45 min -1 hour to do it.Come on ,get up your lazy bum bum and let's bake .


200gm butter
80gm icing sugar
360 superfine flour ( i used flour for pastry )
1 egg
vanilla essence

1) Pukul butter dan gula sampai kembang
2) Masukkan telur sedikit demi sedikit
3)Masukkan tepung sampai jadi doh
4) Ratakan doh dlm acuan tart
5) Cucuk dgn garfu supaya tak kembang
6)Bakar 10 mins. Suhu 180 celcius
7) Keluar dari acuan dan isi filling

250gm cream cheese
50gm gula kastor
1 biji telur Saiz B
½ sudu teh esen vanilla / esen lemon
Blueberry filling

Putar cream cheese dan gula hingga berkrim.
Masukkan telur dan esen vanilla. Putar lagi.
Pipekan blueberry filling dan adunan cream cheese ke dalam kulit tart.

Bakar 10 min pada suhu 180 celcius.....


.my first blueberry cheese tart : i know its ugly so what ?hehe taste is superb for the first timer :P.well thank you so much for Kak Intan for the recipes .really appreciate it .Insyallah will try again next time by using a correct measurement cup and tart molds :P and Not pie molds ye kawan2..

see ya next entry ..
Now craving for strawberry cheesecake..yum yum...

Love  from jeddah 

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