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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blueberry Cheese Tart


Hye dolls, just wanna share one recipe of blueberry cheese tart .so easy mezy ..:P and only took around 45 min -1 hour to do it.Come on ,get up your lazy bum bum and let's bake .


200gm butter
80gm icing sugar
360 superfine flour ( i used flour for pastry )
1 egg
vanilla essence

1) Pukul butter dan gula sampai kembang
2) Masukkan telur sedikit demi sedikit
3)Masukkan tepung sampai jadi doh
4) Ratakan doh dlm acuan tart
5) Cucuk dgn garfu supaya tak kembang
6)Bakar 10 mins. Suhu 180 celcius
7) Keluar dari acuan dan isi filling

250gm cream cheese
50gm gula kastor
1 biji telur Saiz B
½ sudu teh esen vanilla / esen lemon
Blueberry filling

Putar cream cheese dan gula hingga berkrim.
Masukkan telur dan esen vanilla. Putar lagi.
Pipekan blueberry filling dan adunan cream cheese ke dalam kulit tart.

Bakar 10 min pada suhu 180 celcius.....


.my first blueberry cheese tart : i know its ugly so what ?hehe taste is superb for the first timer :P.well thank you so much for Kak Intan for the recipes .really appreciate it .Insyallah will try again next time by using a correct measurement cup and tart molds :P and Not pie molds ye kawan2..

see ya next entry ..
Now craving for strawberry cheesecake..yum yum...

Love  from jeddah 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm young , married and deep in LOVE ! don't you get it ??

Salam pretty ,mommy here 

No mommy not mad at u darling,its just a phew statement that mommy have to use most of days at work.Its a little bit harsh but for these people is already  polite enough.:P Sometimes i  just don't understand why they always judge people by their appearance and if "some' people 'do somethings " definitely doesn't means all mankind will do the same things am i right ?Its normal in my current new extravaganza busy hospital for new staff  there will be an "un-official " ice breaking  session.
where are u from? are u married ?how old are u ?i can accept that , but the facts is they are so outspoken ,busybody and lil bit of rough especially colleagues from .......always asked my private confidential ,my salary ,phew even my AJf don't even know my exact salary..:( come on guys , for the first month maybe i can stand but gosh its already my 2nd month babe .STOP it ! Yes im young and already happily married with a guy i'm in Love  with ....+ adorable and cute lil princess.Its my problem and i don't have to tell you why i'm In jeddah  because you are NOBODY .so why not you just stop thinking ,stop looking and stop trying to learn Bahasa Malaysia because yark i'm sick to hear your voice .and one more things STOP taking my FOOD..and I'm not a kind of girl that you think cause i'm MALAYSIAN !! and We are different !!!

The lil note especially for "-people-who-think-they are perfect _" uhh  "

love peeps..Good night ..
Love my ajf so much ...muahmuah muah 

IKEA & Sail Island

Hye peeps ,

My guilty , gosh been so long not updating anything in my blog,got a busy and hard time balancing my new workload and life over here .alhamdulillah now seems to be cool and ok as i have  2 days off  after hectic and terrible 3 working days .woke up late today , but still not too  late for Stim bath and sauna For free at my house compound today and appointment date skype-ing with my princess ,girlfriends (sisters ) and The Queen of my heart .Nothing much to write for today instead i'm just skpe-ing, eating eating and eating , watching movies and saying bubye to my beloved hubby  he is now in middle of his never end dreams Zzzzz ,as he have to wake up early morning to airport ,No he is not going to visit me yet but soon insyallah , He is going to China for his business trip .:( b u go without me...:(

 backdated post story , I am craving for meatballs and try to find fine  day to go IKea .,Alhamdulillah,with ALLAH’s will – my friend and I went to ikea  .,IKEA  popular  in malaysia for  FOOD , egg curry puff , meatballs and daim cake.(,”) and also not forgotten the IKea’s deco – give us chance to visualize our dream house right ?But in Saudi , I’m surprised because other than salmon and meatballs ,they also have khabsa rice with mutton, Lambchop with chips anda lot choices of cake besides of their  instant famous daim cake.But STILL..we prefer the FAMous delicious Meatballs eventhough the balls is super small compare  in Malaysia..:P    Pictures please habibi..:)…

Btw, I don’t like the deco…..seriously..:P
ARGHHHHHHHimiss Malaysia so much

phew,still have time for next entry ,let's do marathon update ok?
Next story is about BEACH ! As we all know  saudi people only went out at night time ,so dont be shocked when u see all family picnic along the corniche jeddah until midnight or early morning.Its so happening and fabulous with lights and their's own "statues " ...( u can see a lot of funny , extra-weird statue here -sorry can't show the pics as it will take me to jail if i snap pic in public here  )and i was so excited to go there and we made it .Its un-planned bless dinner with my Malaysian friends.we went to Water theme park for Kids only and had a nice romantic dinner at Sail island .Its only cost u SR 50 per person for one coupon  and all u can eat .NO actually is not like buffet ,u eat and u have to  pay ,If  the bills is more than your coupon price so u have to pay the difference .Ermm clear ?its confusing right ?erm..well the foods is delicious and great arabian foods (",)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tetamu ALLAH swt

Alhamdulillah sampai juga aku disini..(",) tidak dapat nak  sampaikandgn tulisan or kata2 cuma yang pasti amat mengagumi kecantikan nye..masyaALLAH..moga ibadat ku di terima..AMIN..(selesai sudah umrahku).semoga dapat lagi menziarahi rumah -NYA.AMin

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