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Friday, September 9, 2011


Salam gorgeous .

After 3 days of orientation ,shopping therapy is the best .:) im so lucky to met a great  group of sister from malaysia.with the best accomodation, western area ,full of activities,swimming pool ,bowling ,saloon,spa,exclusive restaurant and still we don't have to pay a cent masyaALLAh i can;t ask more ..ThankYou ALLAH swt .yes frankly speaking isn't easy for me to made this decision as rania still small and far away from ajf .but yesometimes sacrifices need to be made .for my future my career my life .

back to KFAFH : one of military /gov hospital in Jeddah .There have 4 resus room , 3 observations /holding bay which each one have 4 beds,3 clinics( it really big and confusing )and the unique things about my new emergency department is there also have patients whom stay 3-4 days (admitted in ER  )because no rooms/bed in the ward .other than that ER also have their own Xray deprt ,lab , emergency gynae , emergency paeds.Maybe the flow is bit "longkang " but still they can manage to handle all "inpatient " patient.

new experience for me as first time working in gov hospital, with 100 staffs ( wondering how ,my beautiful -young saudi head nurse manage to prepared and arranged the roaster -salute la ) and difficult for me as i " mafi kalam arabic " (Can't speak arabic) ..what do u expect ?3 days in saudi ...:)insyallah hope allah swt guide me and always be with me..

groceries cost me : SR 300++

weekend in saudi : thursday and friday .
Shopping time.
will start my nursing education and exam next week .
Doa for me yea sister + brother,

will update pics of my places.insyallah 

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