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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jeddah KSA

Salam bloggers ,

Eid mubarak from family and I .
Happy to reveal a secret that I kept:alhamdulillah now I'm in jeddah,ksa.
This is my first time.masyallah I can;t describe my feeling now .homesick,miss ,happy ,anxious and excited.
New enviroment ,new friends,new mission ,new place ,new spirit .insyallah .please du'a for me.

Until we meet again in my next entry ,

Jeddah ksa


FARAH said...

Jauhnyee kak nadia..btw Alhamdulillah kak nadia slamat smp..mudah2n dipermudahkn pjalanan hdp kt sane..good luck n all the best dear kak nadia!!

neverletmego said...

Farah; alhamdulillah mana2 pun dibumi ALLAH swt.tq dear please du'a for me;)

Ummi Rania Raffel said...

hai uuuu.. kat jeddah now?? buat ape tu?? keje ke? Nisa kat jordan, datang la jalan-jalan sini :)

neverletmego said...

salam sis nisa, yes nadia now kat jeddah .tghkeje:) heh insyallah umur panjang , langakh panjang cuti banyak ble la plan nak g jordan:)

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