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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Food Heaven

Salam family ku sayang,

and all bloggers ..

how's life been treating you?
Hope u guys happy and enjoy ur life ..
Alhamdulillah i've already pass my first exam.yes there are lots more test,class and courses to attend .Insyallah may ALLAH guide me as always .AMIn..

Last wednesday , My friend ( I have to ask her permission from her first before reveal her name ) and i  planned to having a nice+ luxury dinner as we had a tough working weeks and its  a BEST time for us to pampered ourself by shopping therapy  at Red Sea Mall.Yes this is my second time been there .Nothing special here just similar to havoc+glamour mall in malaysia ..different: without AJF and Rania ..:P

We had a superb dinner at Steak House in red sea Mall.

 The famous drink in Saudi : non alcoholic Barbican ( Sr 2)

 The steak House 

 Can;t remember the exactly menu's name: combo food with prawn,beef,chicken ,Rice etc ..nice but suit for 2-3 pax Big portion.

 mine: Garlic + ginger salmon ( ideal  diet for me )

 Buffalo chicken :) exactly like in chilis.

Its take 1 hour ++ for us to finished all food.
alhamdulillah ,rezeki from ALLAH swt .
Dinner cost us : Sr 100 per pax.
expensive but not everyday ya..(",)

OOpsss..yes baba, i ve got something for me..Its lovely i can't stop myself looking to all the luxorious and royal-lookand costly  lingerie..SR 1000?absolutely not for me..
BUt im over excited when the promoter told  me that they are now having promotion : 10 for SR 75 ..?what only SR 7.50 each .???

Bee ...i love u ..Isteri u memang pandaikan..Only time sale ye ..:


Wahidah said...

happy sgt bile dgr ko bole adapt kt sana..i told u kan..mesti bole punya...so all the best kay...still ngan preceptor eik..dh hbs orientation week yea

neverletmego said...

Hye dear ..:)tq .alhamdulillah baru beberapa hari wai.masih awal nak cakap ok ke tak>...:)kite tgklacamne ALLAH maha kaya..maha mengetahui kan..?tq so much for ur doa..:)orientation weeks dh habis

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