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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Friday, September 30, 2011


Salam Malaysia ..

Apa khabar  blogger s,
alhamdulillah pejam celik pejam celik almost 1 month i di bumi Saudi .:)and bemakna  juga orientation weeks sudah selesai but still in probation.InsyALLAH saturday ini mula la saat bekerja sendirian tanpa mentor atau supervision .semoga semua berjalan dengan lancar dan dipermudahkan segala pekerjaan ku AMIN.

Ok takmo cite pasal workload or exam or saudi kali ni .
Topic entry hari ni is Indonesia ,!!!okif u all remember this entry post : Domestic Helper ? i ada cite about my helper from surabaya .Yes she is good and alhamdulillah we were happy to have her as helper and so far  she never create any problem,never give excuses bila suruh buat keje .Because bagi ajf and i ,kita respect dia as human being dan punya hak kebebasan nye sendiri as a helper of course.after 6 months keje baru kita bersetuju untuk belikan hp untuk dia menghubungi suami and anak..And i faham sgt perasaan apabila jauh dgn anak dan suami .Jadi selain tak berkira dengan nye mengenai pakaian, makanan,  barang peribadi nya tanpa menolak gaji nye ...i dah anggap dia sebagai keluarga ,ye la i beri kepercayaan pada dia untuk jaga my daughter , the one and only for now insyallah...:P and takmo terjadinye perkara perkara macam dalam paper ,youtube and etc .nauzubillah...:( 

So sebelum i fly to saudi  ,raya ,,,kite membuat keputusan untuk memberi my helper bercuti 2 minggu for raya .I tak patut salahkan ajf tapi kadang kadang rasnaya tak adil untuk dia pulang sebelum cukup tempoh contract nye .tapi after ape yang dia buat , and oleh kerana ajf dah berjanji .Akhirnye i bersetuju juga untuk membenarkan nye pulang beraya tambahan bila dapat tahu ibunye sakit tenat .
Dah banyak kali juga ajf,i ,my mak tanya dia sejujurnye dia akan pulang malaysia tak ?janji beria2 ..bukan tipu2..siap sumpah bebagai.

 actually she supposed to be in malaysia back on 16th sept 2011..and now dah end of the month ..30th sept ..bukan takde flight dari surabaya tapi batang hidung dia pun tak nampak!!!!!!!!:( bile call sebelum 16th , tak angkat , off hp ,,..call jiran dia pun takde ,:( then after 2,3 days baru dia angkat kata tiada wang nak beli flight ticket ! mana ntah duet dia  tak tahu la..then after tu dapat call dari dia lagi cakap takmo datang lagi sebab gaji sikit ?ape sikit RM 500 sebulan (makan pakai ,bedak cream muka,shampoo,baju ---aku bagi FREE  )makan sedap2 .....ko kata sikit lagi ??????????? nak berapa Rm 1000 sebulan???//kan senang kalau cakap masa nak balik hari itu .tak payah buang masa tunggu ko,, batalkan permit ko.nyusahkan betul..kalau tahu dari dulu dah senang kite org cari maid baru .a=sekarang ada hati lak call nak duet dia dalam bank tu :banyak cantik !!!nowkan susah.memang mak and my sister tolong tgkkan and jaga rania but still rasa if ada maid senang sikit ringankan beban mak ..:( insyallah semua ada hikmah nye ..:) mungkin ni caranya ,,kalau dia balik mungkin dia buat hal ke pe ke..lagi susah..

yang penting : tengah pening,layan maid baik tak boleh,layan maid  garang2 tak boleh.macam mane ni..nakkata aku and ajf dera ??apela sgt keje dia layan rania and kemas rumah aku yang kecik tu je .masak aku!!!

nasib baik di jeddah kalau di malaysia mahu aku g surabaya !

Friday, September 16, 2011

Skype-ing with beloved

Salam  All,

Im off today(weekend of course )try to settle down here .Can’t give any comments  as insyallah I will officially start my duty tomorrow.But as far I live here alhamdulilllah the accommodation great ,the activities superb.Just take a minute.hour and days for me to balance my new life here though.Insyallah ALLAh ‘s will I try to make it .:) Busy skype—ing with them..loveu allll..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Food Heaven

Salam family ku sayang,

and all bloggers ..

how's life been treating you?
Hope u guys happy and enjoy ur life ..
Alhamdulillah i've already pass my first exam.yes there are lots more test,class and courses to attend .Insyallah may ALLAH guide me as always .AMIn..

Last wednesday , My friend ( I have to ask her permission from her first before reveal her name ) and i  planned to having a nice+ luxury dinner as we had a tough working weeks and its  a BEST time for us to pampered ourself by shopping therapy  at Red Sea Mall.Yes this is my second time been there .Nothing special here just similar to havoc+glamour mall in malaysia ..different: without AJF and Rania ..:P

We had a superb dinner at Steak House in red sea Mall.

 The famous drink in Saudi : non alcoholic Barbican ( Sr 2)

 The steak House 

 Can;t remember the exactly menu's name: combo food with prawn,beef,chicken ,Rice etc ..nice but suit for 2-3 pax Big portion.

 mine: Garlic + ginger salmon ( ideal  diet for me )

 Buffalo chicken :) exactly like in chilis.

Its take 1 hour ++ for us to finished all food.
alhamdulillah ,rezeki from ALLAH swt .
Dinner cost us : Sr 100 per pax.
expensive but not everyday ya..(",)

OOpsss..yes baba, i ve got something for me..Its lovely i can't stop myself looking to all the luxorious and royal-lookand costly  lingerie..SR 1000?absolutely not for me..
BUt im over excited when the promoter told  me that they are now having promotion : 10 for SR 75 ..?what only SR 7.50 each .???

Bee ...i love u ..Isteri u memang pandaikan..Only time sale ye ..:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Open house at Arabian homes .

Salam beautiful ,

Masyallah there are a  lot beautiful things in our life .ALLAH create and its our responsible to take care and appreciate it .jeddah i nice ,masyallah ..
 Dah seminggu jauh di perantauan dari ajf ,rania and family ALHAMDULILLAH demi impian ,career ..im still tough ( memang la baru lagi kan ? ) and enjoy ...My first time outt of malaysia for a long period .insyallah .
Please guide me ya ALLAH.

back to open house story , i was invited by one of my friends to her lovely and  cosy crib . Lontong,mee rebus,lemang and nasi himpit and semuanye homemade..marvelous ...(",)

 see i told u ,nice food right ?

k gtg , have to sleep early , have long day tomorrow at nursing education department .
insyallah will upload my crib + comfortable compound tomorrow .


Friday, September 9, 2011


Salam gorgeous .

After 3 days of orientation ,shopping therapy is the best .:) im so lucky to met a great  group of sister from malaysia.with the best accomodation, western area ,full of activities,swimming pool ,bowling ,saloon,spa,exclusive restaurant and still we don't have to pay a cent masyaALLAh i can;t ask more ..ThankYou ALLAH swt .yes frankly speaking isn't easy for me to made this decision as rania still small and far away from ajf .but yesometimes sacrifices need to be made .for my future my career my life .

back to KFAFH : one of military /gov hospital in Jeddah .There have 4 resus room , 3 observations /holding bay which each one have 4 beds,3 clinics( it really big and confusing )and the unique things about my new emergency department is there also have patients whom stay 3-4 days (admitted in ER  )because no rooms/bed in the ward .other than that ER also have their own Xray deprt ,lab , emergency gynae , emergency paeds.Maybe the flow is bit "longkang " but still they can manage to handle all "inpatient " patient.

new experience for me as first time working in gov hospital, with 100 staffs ( wondering how ,my beautiful -young saudi head nurse manage to prepared and arranged the roaster -salute la ) and difficult for me as i " mafi kalam arabic " (Can't speak arabic) ..what do u expect ?3 days in saudi ...:)insyallah hope allah swt guide me and always be with me..

groceries cost me : SR 300++

weekend in saudi : thursday and friday .
Shopping time.
will start my nursing education and exam next week .
Doa for me yea sister + brother,

will update pics of my places.insyallah 

Thank you HER WORLD

Alhamdulillah ..ajf  don;t forget yeah...:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jeddah KSA

Salam bloggers ,

Eid mubarak from family and I .
Happy to reveal a secret that I kept:alhamdulillah now I'm in jeddah,ksa.
This is my first time.masyallah I can;t describe my feeling now .homesick,miss ,happy ,anxious and excited.
New enviroment ,new friends,new mission ,new place ,new spirit .insyallah .please du'a for me.

Until we meet again in my next entry ,

Jeddah ksa
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