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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Wan Rania : YOu're T.W.O

2009 : In the above photo ,Rania is one day old. This photo was taken the evening when I brought her home for the first time

Allhamdulillah pejam celik genap rania 2 tahun ,seperti di sangka wajah rania memang exactly like  beloved baba with round face , dahi jendul ? your nose , mouth ,ear and eyes .Tanda cinta mommy to baba rania masa mengandungkan rania .Thanks to ALLAH u have nice curly hair like mommy (  ALLLAH knows that its not cool for girl to have “grey hair  “ like baba ) Syukur .Rania la pengubat rindu mommy pada baba if kita berjauhan .Walaupun physical rania like baba , but we know pemikiran ,perangai rania ,your tantrum macam mommy !i see mommy in rania when rania merajuk, I see mommy in rania when rania  sleep , talk,walk ,eat , laugh ( rania akan tutup mulut dia bile ketawa : so cheeky )

 Walaupun mommy baba keje , mommy happy rania dapat menyesuaikan diri with UMMI amatan ( your first babysitter ) .Eventhough hantar umah org rania tak pernah cranky and understanding .And now even ada helper , makcik  sukini , rania still panggil dia nini ,Rania suka mengarah –arah  nini buat keje .Rania should know that walaupun she is our helper but  we have to respect her

.Mommy dapat susukan rania dgn Breast milk sehingga 7 months old  ahamdulillah , walaupun susu mommy masih ada sehingga sekarang mommy tak pernah bekecil hati if rania menjerit drama princess macam jumpa hantu bile mommy nak susukan rania .Maybe rania dah comfortable with Mamil Gold ( cow’s milk ) Thank you darling for being such a good girl , u act like big girl ,tak pernah /jarang nangis di public .

 Mommy tahu rania sedih bile mommy go work, kadang2 rania faham kadang2 rania menangis, dengan adegan comel rania nak pakai kasut nak ikut mommy but tak boleh syg .Rania pandai jaga semua toys , barbie dolls so mommy telah buat keputusan yang paling berat iaitu pass over my barbie doll with all clothes .(“,) hope rania jaga elok2 sepertimana mommy jaga ye darling..

Mommy and baba never ever compare you with another kids same age : insyallah never force u to do things u don’t like , will always guide and never leave u alone .Insyallah …

Happy Birthday rania ..:( …mommy nangis dah ..:( my baby girl dah besar

After long discussion ,  mommy and baba decided not to do a birthday party celebration for rania ,But just a small dinner among us , Du’a selamat  for rania .

 the birthday cake..:)


Thank you bibi ina izan maktok tokwalid amichik for the ice cream cake..its yummy 

Thank you aunt myra for the cuppies and frame!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank YOU boss ..(",)

Sad , Saturday I’m off , rania can’t have fun at Library , Islamic Art Museum Malaysia  ,  TV show : not interesting , L sad have to work on Sunday .
Tapi rasa hati berbunga –bunga bila buka email di tempat kerja today .(“,) .
Thank you Boss , You made my day today .
“when u are superior /leader ,please always investigate any issue before jumping to the conclusion.”
Bukan ” kepohci “I think I  should do “something “ before I leave .

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Am I pregnant ?

True story ( bukan nama sebenar )
Charlotte : u pregnant ye ?
Marah Casey : nampak u gemuk sekarang .ada isi ke ?
Bob marley : bile due ?rahsia pulak ..:P

~pic from google kasi gempak ~

Itu contoh soalan yang paling popular yang berkumandang  di telinga.Pada permulaan  I rasa sangat teruja dan harap doa usaha tawakal harap menjadi kenyataan .INSYAALLAH .Ucapan mulut adalah DOA .(“,)Tetapi lama-kelamaan sangat menjengkelkan kerana perut yang buncit ini di sangkakan berisi “Adik Rania “.Dan paling menhampakan ada orang yang tuduh I nak rahsiakan perkara yang baik.If I’m pregnant for sure I akan hebohkan ,yes perkara baik …buat apa nak rahsiakan .Alhamdulillah memang ramai yang sayang I , care about me , sebab itu ramai yang tertanya – tanya keadaan I.:) Siapa yang sanggup tolak rezeki ALLAH swt , ajf and I memang berusaha dan tidak pernah merancang ( means no protection ) tapi ALLAH swt MAHA mengetahui dan I bet rania also hope she has sister/brother .Like I said before : ALLAH knows better .Kita merancang , ALLAH tentukan.

Sebelum I kahwin ,berat I 43 kg And now I’m 54kg .Drastic ?FYI that ‘s my ideal weight.
I love my body except my “fat tummy”: kena mula balik my sit up regime.:P
( trust me ,im not intend to hurts anyone).

Mutiara Kata

“ Manusia yang berhati suci adalah manusia yang banyak menangis daripada ketawa .Didiklah hati dengan keikhlasan dan kesucian agar liku-liku kehidupan ini menjadi lebih bermakna dan mengikuti arus perubahan kedewasaan “

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rania's experience in Library : Part 2

Salam sweetheart ,

Let the pictures tell you the story of how much fun we had at Islamic Art Museum 's Library ,do enjoy the pictures .....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Powder Milk ?which one is the best ??

Hye sweetie ..
Salam .
We meet again , if u remember last time in my previous post entry ,I did mention about rania ‘s allergic reaction towards Cow’s milk ?yes she had bad diarrhea for past 2,3 weeks  last year ,met her paeds and he suggested rania  to change to soya base milk : ISOMIL. Alhamdulillah , by Allah ‘s will ,Isomil was suitable for rania.
It’s quite difficult for mommy  as isomil don’t have small /travel pack!All in 2 sizes tin . .:( a good reason to change another milk yeah ( good excuses to save budget ) .hahha ..:)After a year and discussing with rania’s paeds we decided to change rania’s milk ,from ISOMIL to MAMIL GOLD : step 3.

First formula milk .

-click for enlarge -

The prices range are around RM 28- RM 100.
Like last months , we bought 1kg for RM 51 ONLY ( promotions price ) Of course , is not matter of money , the important is whether rania can tolerate and don’t have the same problem like before .Alhamdulillah now it’ s almost 3 months and its seems suitable for her .
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