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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why PRINCE COURT MEDICAL CENTRE is my favourite hospital ?

 This is rania’s  story about her favourite hospital :

Salam ,

It’s really good morning in KL  , I’ve   woke up earlier  today because my mommy have plan for me !Guess what ? we visited PCMC .yea.. I feel  wonderful today , no fever , no nothing but my parents worried about by abnormal lump at my both upper eyelids , no-pain –at –all , but maybe slightly discomfort .My mommy always put CMC ointment ( medication ) and warm compress but it’s still there and day by day its became bigger .My baba thought it’s normal and thinks it will “disappear “ by itself BUT baba, it has been there nearly 3 months , don’t u think u have to listen to mommy ….sometimes .?hahha – (ok that is totally my mommy –not me , I love baba )

We arrived at Emergency Department at 10 am ,  im so lucky as they are not busy at that time .The receptionist request my date-of-birth to checked my name and Medical registration number in the system ,( if u are first time , u have to fill up the form tho – but its just a quick process )
Trust me ! toddler never lie ..ok !

Then , the triage nurse ( I don’t have any idea what is this –u can ask my mommy ok ) checked my vital signs ,e.g temperature .like I said , my temperature is normal .and I m so happy because my body weight is 11.8 kg .(just nice , not too fat,not too skinny ) Eventhough  my mommy was with me all the time , I kept crying like a  baby lost her Barbie doll because I don’t’ like the Triage ‘s room and the male - nurses as well !

About 10 minutes waited ,  my name was called by a stranger woman .She tried  to took  my Barbie doll , I was so  angry and started to cry .and cry . She checked and touched my both eyes .It was scary moment ,but I thinks I like her because  she kept butter up  my yellow headbands, my cute gold pump ,and  my earings  .!!

After a few minutes , we are done at payment counter, we collected medications at pharmacy !!

I’m so glad that  all process only took 30 minutes and  I would  confidently  recommend u  guys to seek treatment in PCMC .MY mommy said PCMC are not the “expensive hospital “ and  they give the best treatment in the town .

Please  du;a for me ,t I don’t want to  go there anymore as patient  .i don’t like being  sick !
And about the treatment , the doctor advice my mom to apply another cream and warm compress for a week and  we will see how it goes .She did mention about I& C ( Incision and curettage ) ermmm  – sound scary to me !!

Love Rania .

( my mom will upload my pic later – she forgot to bring the external cable )

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