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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rania's experience in Library

“The more that you read ,the more things you will know .
The more that you learn ,the more place you will go “

By DR Seuss

Today is a hectic day for us ,yet I’m glad that rania have happy fun time .Rania loves book so we brought her to LIBRARY at Islamic art museum . We thought the activities are  in the morning but its start at 2.30 pm onwards .the library  have a lot of fun time activities, story telling competition , colouring , art & handicraft every week and many more .Rania was so excited with the color and all the books . Is so funny when rania kept standing on empty  “Stage’ ( the place I guess for story telling competition ) and started to dance .:)

Rania excited coloring

Our first –time –experience was doing well as rania chose book from the shelf by her own ..:) she is my miracle …The librarian will give to all first timer a IAMM Clip .ALL we have to do are:

STEP 1 : Choose a book fom the library’s collection .
STEP 2 : Read it ( mom reads to rania )
STEP 3 : write down what you think of the book that you have just read in the review form .

The librarian will fill in all the particulars required in IAMM Clip ,initial and stamp it for you .For the first 25 collected ,we will  be issued a bronze award certificate.After fill up the review form , we have to leave the IAMM clip with the librarian for our next book review .
For the first visit , Mommy and baba read 2 books to rania ,so 22 book more to go until rania’s first certificate ..yeah ..:)

Other than that , rania also enjoy coloring and doen a lot of paper activities .
Pity rania can’t stay long until the evening session as mommy has to go work today ! perhaps we can go to library next Saturday , on 2nd july .Theme is astronomy and the art& handicraft are kaleidoscope .sounds like a plan ..:)

Hope rania can meet friends there ,.:)

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