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Friday, May 27, 2011

new online sale!!!

hye sunrise ,

Excited nye dapat Fb notification about my friend , Aleeya ,yang baru je migrate ke UK  dah mula buat business online .I like ..:) Ok fine memang banyak sekarang ni but susah sikit untuk AJF and i percaya ..hahah takut bukan tuduh menipu but rasa unsecure.Tapi bile yaya dah buat business boleh la beli kat dia .Trust her - her taste is not bad ..:P
ok yaya u should belanja nad  'gucci ' or 'mulberry'  tau ..

besides handbags , yaya juga ambil pre-order for trousers ,maxi-dress , any brands any collections ( even the latest )
oohh i love maxi dress so much ..) but kena make up if pakai dress if not jumpe orang je ada je statement
 " u pregnant ke ?" ntah la  because i look so pale and ugly  or %&*$^ i look fat in it ..hahahahhaa

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nice kan thsi maxi dress:).so cool ,yeah sexy sebab ikut shape body  but i think its better if u  wear tights and   blazer .and nampak sungguh comfy sebab its cotton .kan??

*  picture from Google .

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