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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am a PROUD mummy

Dari dulu sampai sekarang , there no such things of celebrate father’s day , mother’s day ,valentine days , women days  for ajf and I .for us everyday is our special day , contoh nye we all jarang sambut birthday on the particular day ,We all tak tunggu certain date to buy presents , to give Romantic cards , to surprise beloved ones.Honestly , i memang tak suke celebrate my Birthday ( don’t know why – but I LOVE present s ) on  mother;S DAY ,after finished my night duty , AJf ,rania and I  had a quick wonderful  breakfast at Damansara , then we   visit  Tok mi at PJ .
Ingat kan nak habiskan masa dengan family di rumah je , but ajf ajak dinner kat luar  and to buy groceries ., At first im not so happy to go as AJF sakit ( fever + headache and bloated ) tapi bila ajf yakinkan that he is OK  – we off to MIDvalley .Memang boring bila raja kuat makan , tak ada appetite L rania  and I je yang makan .He is so different , tak pernah tengok dia sakit macam tu sampai takmau makan …ye kawan- kawan itu pelik!Suami saya suka makan!And masa I tgh makan dia mintak excuse to Pharmacy – nak beli panadol .Lama dia pegi ( risau I )
After 5 minutes ( sebenarnya 5 minutes je dia pegi :P ) ..terkejut I bila  muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhksssssss  dari belakang di pipi I ..hhe thank you sayang , and guess what ?? ada bunga and card as well..

Well  ok la memang bukan  a bouquet  of red roses but still ? its from MR AJF ..jadi ia sangat la istimewa!

I love u hubby …
Tak sabar nak balik kedah end of this month , yehaa nak jumpe my Mak ..muah love u mak

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