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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aunty Mitsuki..

Hye babycakes ,
Almost 13 years ,maizatol a.k.a mitsuki  and I berkawan .Last I jumpe dia ,kalau tak silap I masa time her wedding oct 2010 ..teruk kan ?ye s sejak  tahun 2011 , ajf and I jarang dapat cuti balik kedah ,my family from kedah yang datang KL almost every month  Love u guys ..muahmuha…And now mitsuki dah pregnant .yeahhhahah rania ada kawan baru InsyALLAH …happy for u dear .mesti comel gile and putih macam snow white ..(“,).So sebelum terlambat , kita plan untuk jumpe , Boleh dikatakan girls + women ‘s day out- mak,my both sister,mye , and baby rania ,We had a quick lunch at pizza hut , sembang sembang gossip best nye ..sempat share and bagi tips for mommy-to –be ..
Yang penting dear jangan degil ye mommy …
-jangan minum air berkarbonat (memang aku ni hantu tapi time preggy aku pantang tau )
- makan calcium tablet .
Love you so much dear ..and miss u  .Tak sabar our next reunion at Natra ‘s wedding this coming May .yeah ..


MAizAmAzLaN said...

hehehe..tak saba nk jmpe time kenduri natra..yeayy!!ok..tak minum dh..huhuhu....tq 4 d tips2 ..
love u...^_^

neverletmego said...

hehe me too darling ..
tak sabar ni..macam mane plan ?
engagement anis ?

neverletmego said...

love u too mitsuki ..:P

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