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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back-to-back MOVIE

hye me again . yes rajin online as im on MC ( remember ?) bukan sebab im so free and no work to do ha..:P Btw back to my title; im so delightful as my super- cool- sista so clever she can even read my mind ( like my macho handsome husband ) meng- download this 3 series movie yang dah bertahun tahun i cari rindu nak tgk balik = Back To the future(BTTF) sejak akhir-akhir ni i asyik nak tgk movie lama je enjoy tau! tapi my mak?huhuhu she is so not me sebab my mother sorang je dalam rumah yang tak suke tgk cite lama hahaha her reason : buat ape nak tgk cite tu kan dah tgk ?cite baru takde ka???haha mak ni tak evergreen la..:P ape pun i love u mak yahoooo..malam ni marathon akan bemula selepas dinner .miss my partner so much - hakikat nye ajf and i memang kaki movie !! sound of the music dah tgk berulang ulang kali , now nak cari Mary Poppins..:).mana nak cari ye ?

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