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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Junk food moment ..

Repo Men

- JUDE Law ( my fav actor- love his regional accent of english )

- Forest whitaker

Remy ( Jude Law ) and Jake ( Forest Whitaker ) are best friends and The Union’s MOST dangerous repossession fall behind on their payments .But after an accident forces Remy to be outfitted with a top –of –the-line heart replacement ,he finds himself in debt and unable to pay .Now ,the hunter becomes the hunted as jake will stop at nothing to track him down to finish the job .

STAR: 2 out of 5

Neverletmego : I would suggest to those people yang tak boleh /tak tahan tengok darah tu tak payah tgk movie ni because keje this – handsome-sweet- eventho his hair not so cool in this movie – memotong and mengambil balik organ transplant orang yang tak bayar balik installment ..crazy meh …:P ambil cenggitu je.potong pakai pisau pe ntah even dalam taxi pun dia boleh buat . funny well movie still movie its not reality , doctor nak buat pun susah ...and I don’t like it because the ending macam ??%^&*.

The Last Airbender

 STAR : 4 out of 5

Neverletmego : Best as I memang gemar sangat crita pembohong ni..:P huhu aiyak…and its real , sebab mengikut turutan four nations ,AIR –WATER – EARTH- FIRE air boleh menyejukkan api..Can’t wait to see The last airbender 2 ..dah ada ke?

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