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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Im speechless ..

Salam bloggers

23rd February 2011

its already 3 o’clock In the morning, it’s a quite fine morning .Alhamdulillah diriku masih lagi bernafas ,terima kasih ALLAH swt .A bit upset-sad- mood today .:( Dah lama I tak jenguk one blog , well I I knew her blog from my friend + friend + friend’s blog , I tak add her in my bloglist .Last time I baca blog dia pun last year ,maybe middle of june or july .Long time ago ,…bUt I remember BEST story of her life and family – been told AJF , I admired her family so much ..So , tonight I decided to visit her …hoping a new story , enjoy , happy mode with her sweert husband and cute + adorable daughte r..

Once I buke je blog dia …I terkejut – for the past 2 months all her entry about sorrow , sad,death , giving me hopes, ghost , ..etc  negative story ..AM sorry , being a woman , can’t runaway from …..i’ve been thinking that her husband dishonest? Having an affair with another woman .But the TRUE story is …ALLAH swt lebih menyayangi nye ..:(. .. dalam cerita nye sebab heart attack and dia sempat buat CPR TAPI …menitis air mata bile I baca , dengupan jantung I laju .my hand jadi shaking …after a few minutes my AJF called me , yes dia belum tido ! …Ya ALLAH …I tak tahu kalau benda ini semua terjadi pada diri ini , its hurt me even tho I don’t know her , her family but deep in my heart – I rasa macam kenal dia..its easy for us to say Yes , I understand what u feel ‘..not easy to empathize ..:( melainkan u sendiri alaminye ..I can’t imagine if I loss my LOVE…..:(

Hidup ini sementara …kadang-kadang kita alpa dengan duniawi sehingga lupakan hal akhirat .Pinjaman ALLAH ..Tak dapat bayangkan macam mana la nikmat di SYURGA yang dijanjikan sedangkan di dunia pun orang dah lupa diri dengan ke’asyikkan nye ..MASYALLAH..


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