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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to start living like a healthy japanese woman today ...

Summarise lesson after read this book .

1. Practise hara hachi bunme – eat until you are 80 percent full

2. Become a master portion controller –serve modest –sized portion on small ,beautiful tableware

3. Eat and chew your food at a leisurely pace ,savouring every bite .

4. Take special time to admire the beauty of your food and it presentation .

5. Eat more fish ,fresh fruit and vegetables –and fewer saturated fats and trans fats .

6. Cook with rapeseed oil .

7. Treat yourself to a Japanese power breakfast :miso soup with vegetables ,egg and tofu .

8. Think of vegetables more often as a main dish –and red meat as a side or occasional dish .

9. Have a bowl of short –grain white or brown rice with your meals instead of white breads ,baps or rolls.

10. Instead of fizzy drinks,drink cold unsweetened Japanese tea.

11. Walk everywhere you can .

12. Remember that loving to eat well is an important part of being healthy –and that cooking and eating should be fun.

• Bonus tip for living even more healthily : Eat less sodium and more whole grains.

But at this moment , i dapat rasa metabolism i semakin menurun ..and kuat makan...:( 

 nampak tak ? makin memBESAR...:(

 ~cube teka bontot sape ??~

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