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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great weekend s

Happy sangat sebab my family from Kedah datang KL, wedding my aunty dekat Mindef ? last Saturday – 12th March , it’s a blast as I buka je dapat jumpe my parents tapi my maktok , and all Haji Nyak Gam clan .alhamdulillah ,….:P rasa guilty dalam hati dah reda (sebab dah 2 bulan tak balik kedah ..)..The wedding receptions is so simple, yet wonderful and unique sebab selalu nye kite tgk Groom yang pakai uniform and the bride akan pakai gown /dress tapi for this wedding , my aunty , Col (Dr) Sharifah

MAlam , we ,4 siblings keluar to Mid valley , ..best sgt enjoy gelak , gossip , gile2 la diaorang spent time together ….so lovely …(“,)..crazy kakak, dear – chicken pox kak ina , darling bro - Othman …I miss u all so much …

Kali ini cuti I tak plan keluar memana sebab nak gunakan sepenuhnye ‘sembang ‘ with my mak walid and siblings je ..(“,)…thank you u mak walid ..i love u !..After wedding , we visited my uncle ( ami – Walid’s big brother) at Mont Kiara , now ami not in good condition , semakin kurus , semakin saki t..:( seedy sangat … now ami ‘s face exactly like tok .remind me to my late grandmom ( TOk – walid;s mother ) .introduce u to rania ‘s 2nd cousin – sharifah Mysha Mizuki ( her mother is Japanese )

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