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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great weekend s

Happy sangat sebab my family from Kedah datang KL, wedding my aunty dekat Mindef ? last Saturday – 12th March , it’s a blast as I buka je dapat jumpe my parents tapi my maktok , and all Haji Nyak Gam clan .alhamdulillah ,….:P rasa guilty dalam hati dah reda (sebab dah 2 bulan tak balik kedah ..)..The wedding receptions is so simple, yet wonderful and unique sebab selalu nye kite tgk Groom yang pakai uniform and the bride akan pakai gown /dress tapi for this wedding , my aunty , Col (Dr) Sharifah

MAlam , we ,4 siblings keluar to Mid valley , ..best sgt enjoy gelak , gossip , gile2 la diaorang spent time together ….so lovely …(“,)..crazy kakak, dear – chicken pox kak ina , darling bro - Othman …I miss u all so much …

Kali ini cuti I tak plan keluar memana sebab nak gunakan sepenuhnye ‘sembang ‘ with my mak walid and siblings je ..(“,)…thank you u mak walid ..i love u !..After wedding , we visited my uncle ( ami – Walid’s big brother) at Mont Kiara , now ami not in good condition , semakin kurus , semakin saki t..:( seedy sangat … now ami ‘s face exactly like tok .remind me to my late grandmom ( TOk – walid;s mother ) .introduce u to rania ‘s 2nd cousin – sharifah Mysha Mizuki ( her mother is Japanese )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to start living like a healthy japanese woman today ...

Summarise lesson after read this book .

1. Practise hara hachi bunme – eat until you are 80 percent full

2. Become a master portion controller –serve modest –sized portion on small ,beautiful tableware

3. Eat and chew your food at a leisurely pace ,savouring every bite .

4. Take special time to admire the beauty of your food and it presentation .

5. Eat more fish ,fresh fruit and vegetables –and fewer saturated fats and trans fats .

6. Cook with rapeseed oil .

7. Treat yourself to a Japanese power breakfast :miso soup with vegetables ,egg and tofu .

8. Think of vegetables more often as a main dish –and red meat as a side or occasional dish .

9. Have a bowl of short –grain white or brown rice with your meals instead of white breads ,baps or rolls.

10. Instead of fizzy drinks,drink cold unsweetened Japanese tea.

11. Walk everywhere you can .

12. Remember that loving to eat well is an important part of being healthy –and that cooking and eating should be fun.

• Bonus tip for living even more healthily : Eat less sodium and more whole grains.

But at this moment , i dapat rasa metabolism i semakin menurun ..and kuat makan...:( 

 nampak tak ? makin memBESAR...:(

 ~cube teka bontot sape ??~

Birthday ooo bIRTHDAY ...

26th Feb 2011
Batrisyia's 6th birthday .Birthday isya sebenar nye on 16 th , tapi her parent buat on 26th .Banyak crita di sebalik party ni , im not in the mood nak tulis .:P btw we arrived there around 7 pm, party dah habis , tak sempat tgk magician or cake-cutting but its ok as rania still happy with her -old -gown- and fairy headband ..:(",)..enjoy the pics sugarplum..

~Rania with the birthday girl ~

~cake yang cantik and unique , di buat sendiri oleh birthday girl's mothe r~

~rania posing with birthday girl ~

~ kisses from birthday girl ..tq kakak isya ~

~ isn't she adorable?~

27th Feb 2011

Next day , kite pegi brthday party anak kawan baba , di sentul rasanye ..:P
2nd birthday party ..simple and nice..

Maulidur rasul

Backdated entry - lupe nak publish..:P

Salam dearest ..

Sempena hari ini Maulidur rasul ,banyakkan selawat keatas NAbi MOHD SAW lebih dari hari hari biasa .Contohilah akhlak baginda yang terpuji .Rasulullah SAW bersabda ,Maksudnye : Akhlak yang buruk itu merosakkan amal kebajikan seperti cuka yang merosakkan madu dan seperti api yang membakar kayu bakar (riwayat Ibn Majah )

Sempena cuti ini juga , la ajf n I buat keputusan untuk ‘melawat’ kawasan and teratak yang insyALALh bakal menjadi milik kami …amin.doadoakan la …:P and sungguh happy kerana special one to AJf sudi juga melawat bersama kami ..thank you TOk ana ..

Had late lunch with Tok ana ..

Thank You "Tok Ana" For ypur brilliant idea.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

jom kite CUTI ...

~mommy + Rania + Baba ~
Salam bloggers ...

yehaa mak + walid and siblings kite nak datang KL this weekends

Happy nye ..Tak sabar mommy + BAba and Rania ..


* awak kalau baca jangan jealous tau .:P

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i admit ward for the first time under medical


Baru keje after sick leave .
Admit 3 days sebab Food poisoining and dehydration .
At last ,dapat jumpe neurology for my migraine attack .\
Alhamdulillah ....bersyukur pada ALLAH swt
im bless....(",) after watch burlesque and yogi bear !

My Junk food moment ..

Repo Men

- JUDE Law ( my fav actor- love his regional accent of english )

- Forest whitaker

Remy ( Jude Law ) and Jake ( Forest Whitaker ) are best friends and The Union’s MOST dangerous repossession fall behind on their payments .But after an accident forces Remy to be outfitted with a top –of –the-line heart replacement ,he finds himself in debt and unable to pay .Now ,the hunter becomes the hunted as jake will stop at nothing to track him down to finish the job .

STAR: 2 out of 5

Neverletmego : I would suggest to those people yang tak boleh /tak tahan tengok darah tu tak payah tgk movie ni because keje this – handsome-sweet- eventho his hair not so cool in this movie – memotong and mengambil balik organ transplant orang yang tak bayar balik installment ..crazy meh …:P ambil cenggitu je.potong pakai pisau pe ntah even dalam taxi pun dia boleh buat . funny well movie still movie its not reality , doctor nak buat pun susah ...and I don’t like it because the ending macam ??%^&*.

The Last Airbender

 STAR : 4 out of 5

Neverletmego : Best as I memang gemar sangat crita pembohong ni..:P huhu aiyak…and its real , sebab mengikut turutan four nations ,AIR –WATER – EARTH- FIRE air boleh menyejukkan api..Can’t wait to see The last airbender 2 ..dah ada ke?

Im speechless ..

Salam bloggers

23rd February 2011

its already 3 o’clock In the morning, it’s a quite fine morning .Alhamdulillah diriku masih lagi bernafas ,terima kasih ALLAH swt .A bit upset-sad- mood today .:( Dah lama I tak jenguk one blog , well I I knew her blog from my friend + friend + friend’s blog , I tak add her in my bloglist .Last time I baca blog dia pun last year ,maybe middle of june or july .Long time ago ,…bUt I remember BEST story of her life and family – been told AJF , I admired her family so much ..So , tonight I decided to visit her …hoping a new story , enjoy , happy mode with her sweert husband and cute + adorable daughte r..

Once I buke je blog dia …I terkejut – for the past 2 months all her entry about sorrow , sad,death , giving me hopes, ghost , ..etc  negative story ..AM sorry , being a woman , can’t runaway from …..i’ve been thinking that her husband dishonest? Having an affair with another woman .But the TRUE story is …ALLAH swt lebih menyayangi nye ..:(. .. dalam cerita nye sebab heart attack and dia sempat buat CPR TAPI …menitis air mata bile I baca , dengupan jantung I laju .my hand jadi shaking …after a few minutes my AJF called me , yes dia belum tido ! …Ya ALLAH …I tak tahu kalau benda ini semua terjadi pada diri ini , its hurt me even tho I don’t know her , her family but deep in my heart – I rasa macam kenal dia..its easy for us to say Yes , I understand what u feel ‘..not easy to empathize ..:( melainkan u sendiri alaminye ..I can’t imagine if I loss my LOVE…..:(

Hidup ini sementara …kadang-kadang kita alpa dengan duniawi sehingga lupakan hal akhirat .Pinjaman ALLAH ..Tak dapat bayangkan macam mana la nikmat di SYURGA yang dijanjikan sedangkan di dunia pun orang dah lupa diri dengan ke’asyikkan nye ..MASYALLAH..

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