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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girl s just wanna have extravaganza Fun …

Hye darlingss,,,

Wonderful weekend I guess after realized there are missed call from natra ,finished my night shift duty: got weekends off yehaa …(“, ) get together plan menjadi juga akhirnye with beto + natra + dalila .
After dapat izin from AJf , yes he said that I deserved it ,spent quality time gossiping + discussing about WORLD + shoppings with my girlfriends .Thanks hubby – u’re the best .
So get –together date at Sunway Piramid , at 2 pm and of course la I bawa my little fairy princess ,princess rania .she is my bodyguard - reporter to my hubby when she start talking .:P we had late lunch at Kenny Rogers – shopping and dla need to buy new comfy shoe as she have to go to Japan for business trip 1 week – dear darling ,if u read my blog – beli ole-ole gifts for me ya ..:P (tak malu ) .As usual , been to rania and my favourite shop .cotton on kids ,,,bought tutu skirt pink color , headband ,hairclips ..bought wedges and sandal for mommy .At first rania was so well behave , not cranky at all .tapi after 3 hours ..she started to crying . scream…shout ..masyALLAh ..nak jalan la,. takmo dok in her stroller..panjat sana panjat sini .

bile sebut nama baba , diam sekejap ..lepas tu buas balik..im ok …tap makin kurus la mommy heheh …habis shopping plan nak dinner together , tapi oleh kerana semua dah kenyang diet hanya minum + rojak penang +chicken Lor bak at Simply penang ….discuss about natra’s wedding May 2011 ni insyALLAH …bestnye ….(“,)..can;t wait till ur special day dear …

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