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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rania's milestone

Hye readers,

What can u expect from babies ?They grow in such a unique ways .Alhamdulillah rania grew up as a healthy ,cheerful, happy ,adorable baby .

from crawling , sit ,rania started to walk confidently at age 1year 2 months and now dia dah berlari2 satu rumah .Kalau naik kereta je tanpa menangis or buat perangai terus sit in her car seat .(",)

Bathing/Grooming;rania dah pandai tunjuk tantrum tambah2 bile nak mandikan ..merenjas ( bahasa kedah - buat perangai ) tak mau mandi .menangis melalak macam kena dera .but she enjoy gosok gigi .Bila bab baju ,dia no.1 pandai dah tunjuk which baju nak pakai .Terutama kalau nak try baju baru dia paling cepat ..Enjoys gazing at her reflection .Holds out arm or leg to help mommy dress her.Hair clip/headband seharusnye ada di kepala nye .

feeding & nutrition : Her main diet is breakfast , lunch and dinner .Waktu lain makan snack such as biscuit merry , brokoli + cheese , and semua makanan la ...( tiada pantang larang mommy) but dalam kuantiti yang sedikit .

-rania enjoy with brokoli + cheese-

Sleep: nap seharusnye pasti ,tapi if mommy baba ada cukup susah nak tidokan dia .night time lagi susah la ..tak payah cakap,even switch of semua lights -she still can walk around and play her toys sambil buat muka tak puas hati .

Potty training : ?? this one can't help - cuba banyak kali tapi rania lebih suke menyimpan toys nye dalam potty sediada .:P

Pemilihan toys : now rania still under control if bawa ke 'toys R us ',she dont like baby brand YoU & ME (dia akan buat muka what-is-this -scary -thing) ,she prefer baby-alive yang mahal and barbie .BUT as good parent we decided to buy all doll when rania dah pandai jaga toys mean bila dia besar sikit .Now main je barbie doll lama mommy .:P and bear bear .

~rania with her little bear ~

Camera : pantang tengok camera ,akan posing dengan her new pose .

she love to read books , pretend talking to handphone sambil gerak tangan ,give a kiss when u point at ur cheek .

Rania will raise her hand if u asked her -' siapa cantik,siapa comel ,siapa anak AJF ,siapa nak makan ...( even in english ) she also can understand.

Orang solat ,dia pun solat -rukuk and sujud je memanjang .

KAlimah ALLAH swt sentiasa di mulut nye if baba or mommy marah ..:P

This is the hard time - where rania will copy-paste every single things her parents or adult did.So we have to be extra careful..(",)

Thank you Baby center, they kept updating me with all babies milestone so we can monitor child'development.

oh my baby is not baby anymore - she is toddler!!


Wahidah said...

wah she is a toddler now..how i miss both of u..tk tahu nape i miss all ur new entry..kena tgk blk set up bloglist aku agaknya...

take care dearr

neverletmego said...

yes she is ..
macam tak percaya sajekan ..so fast .:)
baliknanti jangan lupe jenguk kite ..

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