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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hye ,

Nampak cantik,sweet , light .Famous since last year kat Malaysia .Kalau tak salah , hampir semua blogger menulis pasal macaroon.Dulu i ada jumpe tapi i'm not kinda of girl mommy yang suke try benda baru ( i know that is not good ) .Kerap dengar from my friends , sisters.. i belum pernah rasa - sebab i dapat instinct mesti sangat manis .Recipe macaroons dah lama i save dalam netbook : tapi belum print atau menelaah lagi pun bahan-banhan nye

So last week , after 3- months tak pegi subang .Ajf n me singgah la Empire gallery :

1st cafe : Whisk,Espresso cafe
small macaroon = rm2 each
Big macaroon = rm 8 each
oh my ALLAH , its so sweeeeeeeeetttttttt ,and i cume makan 2,3 bites je .tak dapat la nak terus makan .AJF la yang habiskan ( habis la program diet die )

2nd cafe :T Forty Two
small macaroon = rm3 each

I tak ingat ape nama nye ,but its large macaroons with rasberry =rm16
yes i know mahal but trust me worth it dengan rasa masamnye ,manis nye .. .huuh.
not so sweet ..yummy ..i loikes....

p/s tapi tak boleh makan selalu ....Diabetes nanti .:P


wawan said...

Tak penah try lagiii T.T

neverletmego said...

(",) cube la ..

its a MUST ..
but too sweet for me !

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