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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fantastic Dinner + Party

hello …
Been out + working Like crazy + eat + eat for last 2 weeks .
BBQ party everywhere + anytime + anyhow I had to commit with it .:p

29th December 2010

Year end family dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters .yummy I ate the whole chicken sampai tak ingat dunia ..haha :P joking , sian Ajf tak dapat join sorry sweetheart ,next time k?walid la craving roasted chicken !

30th December 2010

Had a blast , yummy super delicious beef , prawn,nasi goreng aunty and FATTY CRABS from online internet restaurant .(oops bukan fatty crabs inTaman Megah okay –is listed as non-halal) but sorry can't remember the online restaurant’s name – yeah I know im so bad , tahu makan je ..:P kena tanya AJF’s friend . Rania enjoy the extravaganza yummy potata salad , and bowl of fruit punch non-stop until AJF’s stopped her .hehhe
Its lovely BBQ dinner only 4 couple of us with beautiful flowers and GREEN garden .silent with jazz music auww romantic …, rania dia seorang baby so dapat attention semua orang .:)
Attention seeker like her mother .huhuh
Thank you hafeez and shereen for having us J
Yes & tomorrow,31st Dec 2010 MALAYSIA holiday after Football win over Indonesia .yahoo (well am not a football’s fan but still – im Malaysian tho )
Me – working..:)

2th January 2011

BBQ party at AJF’s tokmi ‘s house…Enjoy + delicious +super relax as rania was so cranky jadi ‘kepit ‘with mommy je .she skip her nap time that s why she so like manja thingy and tak+kenal +orang .Thank you so much Dayana and uncle Wan for the spicy and hmmmm Ikan pari , ayam percik and black pepper chicken …Potato salad made by Aunty Nasha .
Spagetthi from mySILs , Drinks from MUS ..and AJf & I bawa lamb je..Marinate cara orang malas as tak de banyak bahan .( Alasan – cakap je ko tak pandai masak )
Semua tired tunggu rania warming up …tak habis-habis nak menangis .at least she like aunty D ‘s sweet potato .and enjoy with baba blowing soap bubbles .:P

* No pictures as I malas nak snap pics nowadays .:P

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