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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Pencil or liquid eye liner ?
I prefer liquid eyeliner as its so simple , easy , with the soft brush .
Ingat lagi first time I belajar guna last 2 years .Thank you so much to my BFf , Myezatol .heheh thattime dia ajar gune Pencil eyeliner , agak kekok .tapi after everyday apply ..Now sampai tahap tak lengkap if itak pakai eye liner.
Wearing eye liner = is a MUST !Crazy kan ? so what ?:P

Elianto Liquid eyeliner
This tiny little is heaven

Body shop Liquid eye liner
(prefer dark brown )

Bobbi Brown Longwear gel Liner
* Kat rumah I tak pakai la nanti AJF cakap wife dia tak betul ..


Elin said...

heheh..i prefer pencil eye liner..tp liquid pun ok..dua2 da try. betul2..macam must-to-wear klu nk kuar or g opis. Since da pandai pki..macam hari2 nak pakai..hihi.

Salam kenal...already follow ur blog.

neverletmego said...

salam kenal Elin .
yes absolutely .if tak pakai rasa janggal kan ?

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