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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Danial' s 1st birthday party

~my cute minnie mouse ~

~ Birthday cake : Dibo the gift dragon ~

Backdated story .9th January 2011 - Danial birthday ,Rania's 2nd cousin ( AJf 's maternal side)
Dah lama sangat i tak buke FB ,nasib baik ada notification from FB to my yahoo mail - so sempat la tgk invitation event from sis shasha .(",) Theme : purple + white .Nice combination color ,for rania as well.rasa cute sgt she in purple .:p( mommy perasan )

~ delicious handmade foods kecuali satay beli ~

~the party pack -

30 minutes earlier ,rania 'berkepit' macam kembar and pendiam + pemalu je .After that huh terus lupe diri ..heheh main bukan kepalang tak ingat mommy and baba ..


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