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Saturday, October 16, 2010

SOFT Carbonate drinks

Signs and Symptoms
Frequent urination
Excessive thirst
Extreme hunger
Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
Feeling very tired much of the time
Very dry skin
More infections than usual

Lately ni I memang mengalami all this Signs and Symptoms ,exhausted bukan kepalang .Ini semua Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes MeLLitus. I’m afraid to tell my hubby due to my ‘stubborn ‘ attitude yang suke sangat minum SOFT Carbonate DRINKs .yes most everyday I akan minum Coke /Pepsi .Bukan tak tahu side effects nye but …kesedapan & Nikmat nye .This habit menjadi-jadi selepas settle my confinement .Now akibatnye I frequent had severe headache – panadol /ponstan memang tak pernah jalan and end up with IM Voltaren 75mg/3ml .:( yeah its bad – depending to medication ) but what to do .I can’t bear with the pain .

Ya ALLH swt bile la nak berubah ni ..:(

p/s - hari ini I dah berubah , I dah takminum Coke / pepsi yang ada 9/sp of Sugar .BUT I beli Kickapoo Joy Juice .hikhik Improvement kan ? ..:P

HOpe My Senior nurse ,MISS C_ _ get well soon, So sad ,its bad news week -i guess:(
Be strong ..will always pray for u .

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