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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fever AGAIN

After 1 week diagnosed / treated as HFM disease , rania fever lagi last  Monday .selalu nye HFM ni after fever , then rashes at hands , foot , and mouth .pattern nye jarang yang fever balik..Usually kids with HFMD will start refused to eat - but not rania , she eat a lots sampai midnight pun still minta "nak " "nak " food ..:P..she tolerate orally well ,sebab tu i tak bimbang sgt, TAPI sampai kan yesterday even dah bagi PCM syrup  ikut time her temperature stilll 39 - 40 degree..uhk..
At last i decided to check her blood ,alhamdulillah all normal .Her paeds , suruh we all stay at PCMC tgk macam mana pattern fever rania yang "cool ' ..very cool..because she eats well ,milk ok , main ok , tgk cartoon ok ..senyum2 ok but  bile dia 39 degrees above tak la senyum ,..no sign symptom of diarrhea , vomiting or rashes at body because HFM pun dah clear/dry  ..still ada scar la. sian anak mommy tak cantik la pakai gown / hot pants ...
So first time rania admit ward ...Get well soon sayang ..
Baba & Mommy Love U so much .

L.O.V .E -  Mommy pun tak sihat , HOMESICK ....tak sabar balik kedah... lusa.

this time rania's temperature is 39 degrees ,but still boleh main her toys - gift from aunty farhana .Thank You aunty ...


Marsha~ said...

cepat sembuh ye rania.... sian dia.. :(

Wahidah said...

siannya rania...dh discharge ke syg

neverletmego said...

tq darling.:(.sedey ni ..
suke tgk telatah ur kids

tq wai ..tak sempat jumpe..ko kan ?

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