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Monday, July 12, 2010

Stroller to let go

Brand : Sweet Cherry
Harga belian :RM490.
Price to let go : rm***
Email Me : shnadia86@yahoo.com to see more pics/the price

almost 1 year pakai but condition still like brand new .

* eh ada kaki mommy ..


Wahidah said...

stroller kenangan ne..hehehe..teringt time jenjalan ngan ko ngan baby rania dl..:((

ZieRa said...

knp nk jual nad???

neverletmego said...

aah wai .ingat g ye ko ?kite lepak kat subang parade ..:P

to ziera - nak jual sebab ada stroller baru /lain ..takmo penuhkan stor ..:Plagipun membazirkan kalau tak guna..

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