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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Minggu ni banyak benda berlaku ,tapi alhamdulillah dapat mengatasi nye dengan fikiran waras n ada nye family - baby rania n AJF ..

"Yes sayang ,i know u .But this is life sayang .some people are not happy with u ,and they will always try to find something to get u .U have to be strong sayang ,this is a test from ALLAH swt .No matter what they do,u just be yourself ,the professional,intelligent ,helpful Nadia ,that i married to syg ..LIfe is like this."

Yes bee,i nampak..ALLAH tu maha adil,DIA beri i sedih SEKALI ,tapi DIA usulkan dengan TIGA kegembiraan selepasnya ...
Im happy ..



He Loves Me said...

tanda-tanda Allah swt sayangkan kita..Dia akan beri kita ujian...dan disebalik ujian tu, jika kita bersabar..kita akan peroleh sesuatu dari-Nya... sgt setuju dgn apa yg ur hubby told u! =)

Wahidah said...

juz be urself nadh..ignorekan mereka2 itu...yg penting u still have ur family n kwn2 yg support ko syg...

neverletmego said...

to nadiah - yes yes ..tq dear

to wai - ok .tq dear ..tc

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