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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My birthday

Birthday ..

Today …15th June 2010 .mY BIRTHDAY ..DAH TUA ..

BUT AGE - it just a number- bak kata sister norli yang penting hati kite muda..

Last year celebrate at hOMETOWN KEDAH –….n time tu tengah pregnant ( rania stil in the womb ) ..yehaa .bUT MY HUBBY DEKAT kl...But this year alHAMDULILLAH sambut dengan my beloved husband ,AJF and my little princess Rania ..Love u both so much .

Tapi different nye this year is :- Mr AJF belikan ‘present ‘ awal for me , -advance presents ..n step by step …seminggu satu ….hehehuhuhuhu mahal ke murah ke I don’t care ..yang pasti I suke semua barang itu


Thank You syg ..love u so much ..thank you …

I love u bukan sebab presents yang u belikan …….bukan sebab harta ,physical,nama , – Tapi sebab i sayang u b

I love u so much..

Happy Birthday Nadia !!!


mimi's said...

hepi besday dear:)
syg sumone bkn sbb hrta,rupa,fzkal..tp hati...(",)
btol ckp nad tu...

Wahidah said...

happy bufday syg..moga pjg umur murah rezeki n bertmbah ceria

QillaTheCurve said...

happy birthday sis nadia.

~mama danish~ said...

Happy Birthday....

Intan said...

Happy Birthday Nadia!!!

Sorry terlambat wish...semoga makin jelita dan bahagia disamping keluarga terchenta :)

neverletmego said...

Thanks semua yang ku syg ..(",)

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