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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hye , I mengaku perempuan more sensitive and bab - mengingat all special date especially birthday ,anniversary , first date,,,etc berbanding lelaki . So we ended up with merajuk if our spouse tak ingat …:P..

In may – I celebrate nurses day and First time I celebrate Mother’s day,
In June – is my birthday .n also father’s day

On 19th and 20th june,  jadual I memang la pack..hahahada dinner with my in laws ,janji with my girlfriends , ( girl’s day out)
After discuss with Ajf  - kite pun set la time dinner with baba’s family Saturday evening around 8 pm.and meet my friends on Sunday after work ..
But Jazeel asyik dop repeat same things – esok  hari I yang first time?bukan 2 kali tapi banyak kali .dari Friday sampai la ke Sunday ..hm pe la suami ku ni ..??

 Rupa-rupanye Father’s Day –wadus macam mane ni boleh terlupa …L..cakap direct kan boleh ….hehehe Macam mana ni dah janji with my girlfriends on Sunday .Dah la Mr Ajf sekarang dah pandai merajuk .
So I cancel la date with my girlfriends( prob is I baru nak teman kan my friends yang akan engage next week ,biasela org tgh nervous need to hang out with friends.)  and plan la nak spent time with baba rania kuat merajuk ,.:P..
Nasib baik la my hubby very understanding –jadi I bukan saje dapat spent time with my hubby and rania and also  my gfs hihikhik thank you syg …

Sayang ,I bukan tak ingat ..ingat cume,bile sampai date – I jadi terlupa..sorry !!
Thank you sayang for everythings,,hope u suke bunga+ chocolate =card ..
Moral of the story ,NADIA – please set la reminder kat ur hp tu .supaya u ingat selalu  .
Bukan sahaja kaum Adam yang selalu terlupa ,tapi kaum hawa pun kadang –kadang terlupa juga ye!(“,) Ampun ya …

Love u
Miss u

Happy Father’s Day to You AJf ,Walid ,Baba  ,Abu SOleh
& to all Daddy

p/s Btw everyday is a father’s day ..:P


Marsha~ said...

hahahaha.. sy pun lupe nak wish suami.. merajuk dia... heheheheheheh

neverletmego said...

to marsha - so its normal la kan ..
haha kadang2 mungkin kite pandang remeh bab ni ,sebab diaorng LELAKI

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