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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mom and baby exhibition @ MV

Last Friday ,after solat jumaat ..we all pegi Mom and baby exhibition a t Mid valley
This year is 2nd year kot mom n baby expo.
Excited gile walaupun last year frust tak dapat pegi ,tahun ni Alhamdulillah dapat pegi …Yes memnag dah lama tak beli magazine pa&MA and parenthood ,nasib baik i register in @ wyeth product.They kept updating me all their programs ,
Best juga,nasib baik g Friday – pun ramai org .can’t imagine if I pegi – weekend.
(“,)..thank you mr ajf …Banyak barang n sangat murah ..,breast pump ,sale
Oleh kerana we all baru je shopping susu .diapers and rania’s food so we all hanya beli toys for rania…

Rania suke sgt la her new cube/blocks .//happy mommy rania suke ..
N we also bought her ‘small tent ‘ yehaa…tak sabar nak decorate rania’s room nanti …(",)
"insyALLAH ….n rania have her new swimming suit ..yehaa..jom swim..

cite pasal swim ..rania ni funny la..petang Sunday tu ajf bawa rania g swimming pool .mula2 rania looks so excited ,nak senyum – nak ketawa ..n tehn after a few minutes muka dia ,macam nak nangis ..don’t know y ?maybe first time kot ..But at last rania boleh tertido

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