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Thursday, May 20, 2010

ACUTE Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of the large bronchi (medium-sized airways) in the lungs that is usually caused by viruses or bacteria and may last several days or weeks.[1] Characteristic symptoms include cough, sputum (phlegm) production, and shortness of breath and wheezing related to the obstruction of the inflamed airways. Diagnosis is by clinical examination and sometimes microbiological examination of the phlegm. Treatment for acute bronchitis is typically symptomatic. As viruses cause most cases of acute bronchitis, antibiotics should not be used unless microscopic examination of Gram stained sputum reveals large numbers of bacteria.

Signs and symptoms

Bronchitis may be indicated by an
expectorating cough, shortness of breath (dyspnea) and wheezing. Occasionally chest pains, fever, and fatigue or malaise may also occur. Additionally, bronchitis caused by Adenoviridae may cause systemic and gastrointestinal symptoms as well. However the coughs due to bronchitis can continue for up to three weeks or more even after all other symptoms have subsided.

Last two weeks rania had bad cough and high fever with flu a/w diarrhea .
Salah mommy n baba ke change rania’s milk – masa tu semua mall tutup ada KK mart ?a.k.a 7eleven je yang still buka , N then kat sana tak de la lak susu rania – Frisolac yang ada hanya dutch lady 123 – so baba just beli for that night only .
Lepas je rania minum ,after 1 day rania developed diarhhea – sian baby mommy ..even dah start balik her frisolac rania still diarrhea..
High fever – temp: 40’c .Bimbang tok sah nak kata la ..:(…
Tepid sponging done , syrup paracetamol and supp voltaren pun dah bagi still fever or every 6 hrly kena buat tepid sponging.

So ,on Saturday ( 15th may 2010 ) ..ajf n I bawa rania g PCMC jumpe MO in ER sebab run out of medication – mas atu temp rania up to 40.8 ‘c ..i terus mandikan rania and suppository given to her .huh
Sian rania ,after a few hours – rania start active –heheh anak mommy ni .eventhough rania’s body temperature dah turun ,im still worried so request to do Xray and throat swab ( Rapid test – influenza) ..alhamdulillah the influenza test is negative but the Xray – showed BRONCHITIS .Yes memang dah agak ..but lucky is not pneumonia – start antibiotic la tu ..ramai advice buat blood test - but im not keen to took rania’s blood – maybe nanti .We already set an appointment with Rania ‘s paediatrician ,Dr Anthony James.

Ok – Rania stii fever + cough + flu + diarrhea -à
Seen Dr Anthony at level 6th ,Women & Child Clinic.
Start her with Singulair and completed the unasyn .hurm nasib baik rania ok makan ubat – suruh nganga – terus dia ikut kite ..bagus anak mommy
Rania looks happy,Like my hubby told me before – might be rania is lactose intolerance – so dr Anthony suggest us to change to another brand – so we decided to change to Enfalac A+ with Soya Base – so free milk cow and free lactose ..Yes .Rania seems to love it – best nye ….alhamdulillah now rania dah tak diarrhea .
Fever rania still ada but under control.her flu – getting better…(“,)

Rania – get well soon ok sayang …Mommy miss u yang naughty tu..
Mesti rania demam nak tumbuh gigi yag cute tu ..hahha ..baby tumbuh gigi yang bawah dulu – kan?but rania tumbuh yang atas dulu ..how ek ?normal ka?

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