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Monday, April 19, 2010

Rania & Demam

Yesterday ,im working afternoon shift ,Ajf went off to.. - outstation.so just mommy n rania n uil ( ummi in law) .At first i sgt la ok,makna cam biase at hospital n attended pts pun ok- no problemo at all.But start 6 pm i jadi..( tingtong ) why ???
i'm not sure ..it's weird ,i can't even set up tray for blood taking pun and patients banyak pending nak set line n admir ..et c..Don't know why tapi just dapat rasa something .After sent patient up to Ward ,rasa macam sign symptom fever - bla bla..
check temperature - 37.9 'c .oopss nadia u demam..??ok maybe that s why i jadi blur for a while..:P

Normal 9.30pm habis shift ,change uniform terus ambil rania at my aunty's hous e..
Terkejut sebab nampak rania tido n my aunty tgh pelok rania...ohh rupe2nye rania - my baby girl demam..oooohh inikah sebabnya aku blur ,,inikah tanda kenapa fikiran aku jadi .....$^%&*&
oh rania sejak lahir sampai sekarng rania jarang n tak pernah demam setinggi ni..

38.7'C ..YEs mommy is staff nurse sayang ..but bile time our daughter ,kite jadi ....sad worried ,dahla ur baba takde syg ..

Tepid sponging done - tempol supp 125mg given ,turun after medication given but after a few hours naik balik..

hope that rania demam sebab nak membesar ,nak berjalan n nak tumbuh gigi..etc whatever pun hope baby mommy cepat sembuh ye ...

I love u sweetheart ..


Wahidah said...

get well soon rania..cepat2 sembuh tau syg..u too take care nadh..

Mama Awisy said...

get well soon rania sayang...ale

Atiqah Adnan said...

ya.. maybe nadia.. i think rania nak membesar tu.. u dun worry k darl.. bawa rania pi klinik nanti.. hope rania cepat sihat.. kalau tak sian mommy dia susah hati..

u take care!

neverletmego said...

thank you y .(",).
u take care too kat negara org.

neverletmego said...

to mama awisy - thanks sis .(",) really appreciate it..

to atiqah -n thanks dear darling..amin..

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