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Friday, April 16, 2010

100% Handmade Gown

100% Handmade Gown
Pink Classic gown
MY own design - Im Happy n in love with baby girl's dress and gown .
MOSt of my free time , i will design new gown for my baby Rania ,nak menjahit sendiri ?auch ..i don't have enough time nak memasak pun inikan nak menjahit ,Try jahit ,but still tak habis ada la dalam almari tu hehehe:P

BUt at last ,ada lebihan fabric n ribbon , so daripada membazir i 'transform' kan nye menjadi Gown Rania .- ..with my own design ..
Bile i pakaikan kat rania ,my hubby ..:p
B ; bila u beli baju ni b ?
me ; ala aritu ..(hehe)
B; tapi tak pernah tgk pun...well...where?L-v-l- L-Ce ke?
me ; nope la..
B; (masih tak puas hati ) ..ni bukan baju kurung ur sister ke??
me; huhuhu aah sayang ,

Tadaaa...from that day i semangat nak 'transform ' all my design to 'reality ..
thank you hubby ....
happy tau bile tgk ur daughter pakai baju yang u design sendiri..(",)
Satu nikmat .. i was thinking of turning my ideas into a business. but i need feedback first..
Gown2 yang lain akan di update nanti at NEVERLETMEGO .:P

Bayangkan bile anak anda yang comel memakai baju yang hanya ada SATU ???
best kan??


Model is wearing Pink classic gown size
size 12-18 monthsUp to 22 lbs ,10 kg


naniey said...

nice dress..
u bt la business then i can buy 4 my doter..

neverletmego said...

tq (",)

~mama danish~ said...

ala cutenyer...
bley tempah ni...

Wahidah said...

syq,i told u be4 rite..

u are talented with all this..

go on je ngan niat ko tuh..

mari kita support nadh..:)

He Loves Me said...

ops! teringat zaman baby... baju semua mak jahit.. xda pun beli gown kt kedai.... mmg limited edition... =))

buat sendiri lagi best... nice try!!!! =P

neverletmego said...

tq mama danish..
tq wai ko selalu support aku..thanks syg ..miss u lar.:(

nad - uhuk..nenek kite dulu pujnjahit ..siap jahit underwear n baju dalam..mak la cerita .(",)

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