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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Barney and Tiger

Sejak Rania ada in our life , less spend time with friends..ye la can u imagine baru 5 minutes keluar with my gurlfriends tringat rania ,huhu payh betol..(macam mana nak g medan ni ) UHUKK.

Last week –Tuesday I guest (23 rd feb) I follow my collegues g sg wang .wanda n yuyu ,after morning shift ,I sms my hubby –asked permission dulu meh ,lama juga I tak pergi sg wang ,last rasanya before engage ,??ye ke?agak nye la,cant remember act ,but lebih kurang la…

We had our late lunch at nandos – ¼ chicken with 2 sidelines + chips and coselow.ermmmyummy ,maybe sbb lapar gle,to me sg wang still the same ,macam dulu juga ,harga nye murah n ok lor kalau nak pakai hari2 g keje ,macam I ni nurse ,g keje pakai baju biasa then sampai hospital baru tukar uniform.( to all yang pelik ,its our hospital policy ,kite tak boleh bawa balik uniform –germs meh .so change –ada laundry n org ironkan ,buat ape nak bawa balik kan/???)

~ me + yuyu + wanda ~
Ok back to my story,why title is Barney AND tiger is because ,huu I dah jumpe baju yang dicari2.for rania .yehaa at last sepasang rm25.yang cantek just tiger n barney je .comel lk rania pkai..:P…susah nak cari .sebab tak thu nak cari mana..???...ermm bile dah ada anak ,keluar without baby pun still beli barang baby ,,ermm rania .rania rania,,
Btw thanks yyu n wanda ..(“,)

1 comment:

Wahidah said...

wah dating ngan yuyu n wanda eik..best2...huhuhu..

nando's mmg one of my fav..yummyy

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