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Monday, March 29, 2010

27th march 2010

Last saturday ,27th march 2010 ..i ambil cuti because rania;s friend - edrez's 1st birthday party ..
we all keluar awal n went to Gardens had lunch ,bought present for lil' edrez...Tapi malang tak berbau ,otw balik from gARDENS to Mid valley ,Hubby with Rania ,n nadia ...ermm im at the back..ouch i terjatuh tangga..sakit nye badan ALLAh je tahu ,n ada luka sket at right eye ,lebam n back pain after one hour ,jadi 'hematoma' n then uuhhuu dah macam kena tumbuk..sian my hubby..mesti org salah sangka n fitnah dia .heheh sorry sayang..love u so much..

Pity rania ,sampai at edrez's birthday party dah habis,,..nevermind syg ,tunggu birthday party ur other friends la k ..sorry dear edrez..HappY BIRTHDAY ..

p/s--> tak payah la upload my pic ,hahhaha cover with glasses la..huhu..


Atiqah Adnan said...

kesiannye nadia..
adoiyai.. ade juga ke orang fitnah?
sabar je laa..
comelnye raniaaa...

neverletmego said...

hehe tu la biasela..mulut org
anyway --congratulations ..happy newlyweds.amacam life??

Intan said...

Ya Allah, nadia mcm mana leh jatuh tu? Hopes dah makin better lah sakit dan lebam tu...sakit tu...hu hu :(

Makin comel ye rania skrg especially gambar dia yg kat header blog nie...cute!

neverletmego said...

to kak intan - tu la benda nak jadi kan..nak uat camne ..nad pun tak sngka .for the first time jatuh ada luka .huhuu sakit tu tak tau nak kata la..ALLAH swt je tahu .hikhik..thank you kak intan..

Tq tq aunty intan , alhamdulillah dah ada rupa girl rania ...(",)
tq again aunty ..

kisses n hug for arissa..

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