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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Your color?

Pink story :-
Zaman sekolah je always gado with my bff sebab PInk n purple..we loike...(",)
2004- last time masa interview with UKm's lect ,one of them asked me whats my main point join nursing ..huhu i jawab because i love pink n ukm student pakai color PINk..funny kan. ,u choose to be nurse because color,BUt day after day ,im in love with nursing (n

Then my wedding pun,ajf kalah - i pakai pink+white ..yeaaa..

BUt now
....sedar tak sedar ,this year 2010..i kerap pakai purple..

i baru sedar today after tgk all my pictures,huhuhu
I love plain blouse + with
abstract scarf =shawl..
NOw kalau i beli baju je mesti cari purple dulu-kalau org tgk mesti kata tak pernah tukar baju ke dia ni..heh ( memang pun sebabb now asyik tgk baju rania je )

-sweater in purple + purple shawl-

-plain purple shawl + blouse in purple-

- plain purple blouse+ abstract purple??(ape org panggil tudung ni ek/?)

my first time pakai tudung like this ,,ok tak??

-Plain purple cardigan+ purple shawl

i m comfortable with purple.YOU???(",)


Elyn said...

now black!!! heheh nak sorok lemak tepu keh keh

Wahidah said...

purple pun cantek kan..

finally ko jumpa gk tudugn yg dicari ye nadh

Nadia Yuna said...

i love black colours

dulu kini dan selamanya

huhu =D

neverletmego said...

to elyn - heheh (",)
i somtimes suke juga black..
btw u ok je ( nice ) no fat

To wai - aah sgt cantik...jumpe kat subang .murah -Rm20 je ,kalau nak i boleh belikan..promote promote aku jual .

to nadia - black is nice with u

Marsha~ said...

sy pun suka purple dan olive green... hehehe

neverletmego said...

to marsha - aah kan purple is nice..uhuh olive green lawa jugak..tapi sesuai ke ngan i ek?

mimi's said...

me too..vry loike pepel kaler n maroon =) hehe...

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