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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love BAKing

Kalau kat kedai cake ni harga around rm60-rm80 ..but bile buat sendiri .ONly costs u less than rm50 ..so ape lagi kawan2 mari buat .,..(",)..
Dimana ada kemahuan ..di situ ada jalan..yehaaa..

Blueberry Chese Cake


~12-15 pieces plain digestive biscuits (crushed)

~125 gm butter (melted)

~3(250gm ) packages philadephia cream chese ,softened

~1 cup castor sugar

~3 egss

~2/3 cup sour cream

~2 teaspoon vanila essence

~3 -5 drops almond essence

~1(8 ounce ) can blueberry pie filling (brand - comstock/original)


Combine biscuits and melted butter and press in 8" @ 9 " spring foam cake pan.Keep in freezer while preparing the cream chese filling.Cream chese and sugar for 15 minutes or until creamy,add vanila and almond essence ,add egg one at a time .Mix until combine.
Finally add sour cream into cake mixture and mix well .Pour cake mixture on biscuit base and bake for i hour at 180 .Cool completely before top with blueberry pie filling.

p/s - for natra ,i boleh buat u mesti boleh nye ..huhuh


Ms. Nutt said...

thanx dear...i'll try my best..but how about marble cheese cake plak? btw, mcm sng je resipi ni kan...yey!! nk try wat la..btw, if wat n dh siap..kita hidang lama2..agaknye cair x? igt nk wat utk cek abg..heee tkt dlm flight ke sna cair plak..haha

neverletmego said...

to natra -
yes senang juga .tak cerewet ,u will enjoy it .tak sbr nak tgu rania besar nak buat dgn dia..
Btw tal la cair sgt ,ok je.i rasa boleh kot u bawa naik flight,g pun 45 minutes je kan?
ok ok..nanti i update recipe marble chese cake,..
btw bout sour cream if takde u can used YOGurt original ..

Anonymous said...

waw my fave cake.nyumy scrumptious! pandai nya nad buat.respect ah!

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