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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


After few days,baru dapat online,Fb n Blog
shocked after baca blog one on my school mate -Before this blog nye ceria with kerja kahwin nye MArch ni but now kisah pemergian Adiknye disebabkan 'leptospirosis' ..menakutkan..
sign n symptom nye demam for long time ,vomiting..
(jangan pandang remeh temeh )
even though i tak rapat sangat with my friend ni but still ...:(
Al - Fatihah ,NAdea tabahkan hati ye ,kuatkan semangat InsyALLAh Allah tempatkan dia dikalangan Orang2 yang beriman,.,AMIN.,
Tak dapat rasakan bagaimana perasaan kalau ditempat NAdea now:(..
Tetibe rasa bimbang bout my Ajf -???
better check my schedule back ,to do medical check up for Ajf


Wahidah said...

al-fatihah..skrang ne tk tentulah..penyakit byk yg silent killer..last minute detect end up pass away..

take care syg..:)

neverletmego said...

tu la wai ..:(.
takut pula aku....
take care too .di negara org nanti

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